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Author Fizick
Version v1.7
Download [x86]: yadif17.zip

[x64]: yadif_1.7_x64_asm.zip

Category Deinterlacing
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Port of YADIF (Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter) from MPlayer by Michael Niedermayer. It check pixels of previous, current and next frames to re-create the missed field by some local adaptive method (edge-directed interpolation) and uses spatial check to prevent most artifacts.

Note: Yadif is a C-plugin so it must be loaded using LoadCPlugin.

Note: See yadifmod or yadifmod2 for an updated version.


Syntax and Parameters

Yadif (clip, int "mode", int "order", bool "planar", int "opt")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  mode = 0
  • 0 : single frame rate, temporal and spatial interlacing check (default).
  • 1 : double frame rate, temporal and spatial interlacing check.
  • 2 : single frame rate, skips spatial interlacing check.
  • 3 : double frame rate, skips spatial interlacing check.

int  order = 1
  • -1 : field order as AviSynth assumes (default).
  • 0 : bottom field first
  • 1 : top field first

bool  planar = false
  • false : usual YV12 colorspace (default); if input clip is YV12 this parameter is silently ignored.
  • true : flag for (hacked) planar YUY2 color format of input and output clips, compatible with Interleaved2planar and Planar2Interleaved functions from the RemoveGrain (SSETools) plugin.

int  opt = -1
  • -1 : CPU optimization - auto (default).
  • 0 : slow C version.
  • 1 : Integer SSE
  • 2 : SSE2
  • 3 : SSSE3 (some)


Yadif with default settings:

Yadif(mode=0, order=-1, planar=false, opt=-1)


Version      Date            Changes

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.7 [x86]: yadif17.zip

[x64]: yadif_1.7_x64_asm.zip

[x86]: yadif17.zip

[x64]: yadif_1.7_x64_asm.zip

  • x64 version compiled with Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for C++.

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