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Author tritical, Chikuzen
Version v0.0.0
Download yadifmod26-0.0.0.zip
Category Deinterlacing
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



YadifMod for AviSynth 2.6.x / AviSynth+ by Chikuzen

Modified version of Fizick's AviSynth filter port of Yadif from MPlayer. This version doesn't internally generate spatial predictions, but takes them from an external clip. It's also not an AviSynth_C plugin (just a normal one).


*** vc_redist.x86.exe is required for Yadifmod-x86
*** vc_redist.x64.exe is required for Yadifmod-x64

Syntax and Parameters

yadifmod (clip, int "order", int "field", int "mode", clip "edeint", int "opt")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  order = -1
Sets the field order.
  • -1 : use AviSynth's internal parity value
  • 0 : bff (bottom field first)
  • 1 : tff (top field first)

int  field = -1
Controls which field to keep when using same rate output. This parameter doesn't do anything when using double rate output.
  • -1 : set equal to order
  • 0 : keep bottom field
  • 1 : keep top field

int  mode = 0
Controls double rate vs same rate output, and whether or not the spatial interlacing check is performed.
  • 0 : same rate, do spatial check
  • 1 : double rate, do spatial check
  • 2 : same rate, no spatial check
  • 3 : double rate, no spatial check

clip  edeint = NULL
Clip from which to take spatial predictions. This clip must be the same width, height, and colorspace as the input clip.
If using same rate output, this clip should have the same number of frames as the input. If using double rate output, this clip should have twice as many frames as the input.

int  opt = 1
Controls which CPU optimizations are used.
  • -1 : auto detect
  • 0 : force C routine
  • 1 : force SSE2 routine
  • 2 : force AVX2 routine
Don't set this to -1 or 2 if you are using AviSynth2.6.0. If you use AviSynth+, there are no problems.


yadifmod with default settings:

yadifmod(order=-1, field=-1, mode=0, opt=0)


Version      Date            Changes
V0.0.0 2016/03/01 - Rewite for Avisynth 2.6 and Avisynth+ - Support all planar YUV colorspaces - Change "opt" default to 1 - x64 build v1.0 2007/09/15 - Initial Release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.0 yadifmod_v1.zip yadifmod_v1.zip

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