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Author Manao,Fizick, tp7, MysteryX
Version 1.3
Category Deblocker
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread (original v1.2)
Doom9 Thread (update v1.3



It performs deblocking on the picture, using the deblocking filter of H264. It's useful to deblock the result of MVCompensate of MVTools plugin, etc.


Syntax and Parameters

Deblock (clip, int "quant", int "aOffset", int "bOffset")

clip   =
Input clip, width and height must be mod 8.
int  quant = 25
The higher the quant, the stronger the deblocking. Range is from 0 to 60.
int  aOffset = 0
Quant modifier to the blocking detector threshold. Setting it higher means than more edges will deblocked.
int  bOffset = 0
Another quant modifier, for block detecting and for deblocking's strength. There again, the higher, the stronger.
string  planes = "yuv"
Specifies which planes to process between y, u and v.

  • If quant + aOffset is less than 16, the filter does nothing at all. The same goes for quant + bOffset.


Deblock with default settings:

Deblock(quant=25, aOffset=0, bOffset=0, planes="yuv")

To deblock the motion compensation (MVTools plugin):

vectors = source.MVAnalyse(isb = false, lambda = 1000)
compensation = source.MVCompensate(vectors, mode = 0)


Version      Date            Developer       Changes
v1.3 2018/05/29 MysteryX - Back-ported code from VapourSynth - Added high-bit-depth support - Added Planes parameter to specify which planes to process - AviSynth+: self-registers as a MT_NICE_FILTER v0.9 2013/12/03 tp7 - Faster and supports all planar colorspaces - Compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012. v1.2 2006/04/23 Fizick - Moved code into separate project v1.1 2006/01/09 Manao/Fizick - Present in old MvTools (up to v1.1)

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.0.9 GitHub

External Links

  • GitHub Source code repository (latest version, v1.3)
  • GitHub Source code repository (mod, v1.3 with SIMD optimizations)
  • GitHub Source code repository (older version, v0.9)

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