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Author V. C. Mohan
Version 22 Nov 2015
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9Forum



This is an adaptive Median Filter for eliminating certain types of noise. It uses local statistics (minimum, maximum and median values) of a moving local grid, and changes grid size depending on local statistics. Full Description

  • For AviSynth+ see modPlus, includes high bit depth colorspace support and 64-bit.


Syntax and Parameters

AdaptiveMedian (clip, int "sf", int "ef", int "maxgrid", bool "yy", bool "uu", bool "vv")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  sf = 0
Starting frame number to process.

int  ef =
End frame number to process, default is the last frame.

int  maxgrid = 5
Grid size to get statistics can grow to this value starting from 3x3.
Range: 3 to 9

bool  yy = true
bool  uu = false
bool  vv = false
Choose which YUV planes to process.
  • True : Do not process
  • False: Process
By default only the luma plane (Y) is processed. If the input clip is RGB, then these parameters are simply ignored.


AdaptiveMedian with default values:

AdaptiveMedian(a, maxgrid=5, yy=true, uu=false, vv=false)

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