Author V. C. Mohan
Date Nov 1, 2004

One user requested me to author a plugin for his need wherein he wanted to show as thumbnails photos of his relatives and friends and at certain frames one of them gets enlarged to full frame and speaks something. He wanted a minimum of scripting.Even though this probably could be done with a script function using crops, stacks, and resize functions he was averse to it. The scheme as he explained to me reminded me of a TV game show Hollywood Squares, hence the name of the plugin. While attempting this I initially coded two elaborate functions for creating thumbnails and for expanding at specified positions. Later I authored simpler versions but having fewer options. Still the script can be a bit much.

The process is done in two steps. First a frame that contains all the thumbnails is created. In the second part at the required frame number the enlargement of particular thumbnail to occupy full screen, continue in that position for required length of frames, use its audio, then contract back into its thumbnail position is done. The thumbnails can be freeze frames or motion frames. This plugin has four functions for this purpose.

 Album:An album page with thumbnail on one page is created. The thumbnail image will have sharp boundaries. It can be Freeze frame or with motion. As many calls to this as there are thumbnails is required.
 MAlbum: Same as in Album function except that the thumbnail image at edges merge into background frame.
 PopUp:Using output of Album or MAlbum functions, at desired frame positions, any particular thumb nail is enlarged, retained at full frame size along with audio and then contracted back into thumbnail.
 AlbumPop:Creation of Album and popping up is done in one call. But has fewer options in terms of sizes of thumbnails.

RGB32, RGB24, YUY2 and YV12 formats are supported.

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