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Author V. C. Mohan
Updated on Apr 12, 2006
EMail: mohanvc
Phone: +91-40-23750954

Postal address : V.C.Mohan,
401 Gulmarg Enclave,
Plot 65 Srinagar Colony,
Hyderabad 500073, India

I graduated from Andhra University, waltair, Andhra Pradesh,India with a Masters Degree in Applied Physics in 1953. Joined Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India in 1956.

I have retired from Oil and Gas Exploration in 1992. I had exposure to computers and assembly level programming in 1971, and involved in exploration (specially Seismic and related geophysical and geographical) data processing and software development. In 1994 I took a course in Unix and C programming. Later I continued programming as a hobby.

A gift of Digicam to me by my son in 2002, made me aware of various websites for editing the home video. A chance discovery of Avisynth excited me and as a hobby I started developing various filter plugins for it.

I would welcome suggestions for improvements, comments on working and reports of bugs if any found in the plugins I developed. I also welcome suggestions for developing any new plugins. I can be contacted either through Doom9 Avisynth development and usage forums, or by Email or any other means.

Administrators of Domm9 Forums, developers of Avisynth, and plugin developers have been most helpful and I am very thankful for their support and indulgence.

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