Author V. C. Mohan
Date: 28 Oct 2021

About 26 functions are in this package of special effects. These effects are created on the input clip in the range of the frame numbers specified. The Audio is not affected. A brief description of these functions are in the synopsis. Links are provided to transfer to the full description pages. All functions are thread safe. RGB, YUY2 and Planar 8/ 9-16/ 32 bit depth color formats are supported.

The first three parameters are identical for all the functions excepting RearViewMirror and TVLook. These are
1. Clip
2. Start Frame Number sf defaults to first frame of clip
3. End Frame Number ef defaults to last frame of clip
TVLook does not have starting and ending frame parameters.

Some effectss if used one over other can give unexpected interesting results. The fireworks, pool, ripples and bubbles functions can be better appreciated with about 4 sec or more(may be few minutes) of input frames.

Synopsis of EffectsPlus plugin functions

Balloon: This function creates a balloon of desired color and opacity and which hops.

Binoculars: This creates twin circular discs with identical magnified image from an area situated midway between the discs.The center can be moved linearly during the effect .

Bubbles creates soap bubbles in myriad colors emanating at selected point, that travel in different paths and speeds.

Conez: The image is wrapped over either a vertical or a horizontal cone, top and base diameters of which can be specified. The image is either fully wrapped from start to end or progressively the cone takes shape.

DiscoLights: Multicolored light spots flash and move over the image. Parameters control the size, direction, type and speed of movement of light spots.

Distort: This function distorts and can produce grotesque image.

Fire: This function generates a fire at given x level.

Flashes: Creates a smoke filled area.Thereafter a series of light flashes occur in the smoke filled portion. This resembles flashing fire works.

Flowerpot: This function generates multi colored glowing embers in parabolic trajectories from given point, resembling Flower Pot Fire Works (as popularly known in India).

Fog: Creates fog on the image

Lens: A circular area is magnified with uniform magnification or with magnification varying from center to edge. The center of the disc can be linearly varied during the ..

LineMagnifier: Magnifies either a vertical or Horizontal strip of image. The magnifier can be moved across image.

Plasma: This function generates a plasma of colors in an area of image.

Rain: Adds rain to the image. The rain can be light, medium, heavy, increasing from light to heavy or decrease from heavy to light. The color of rain, their opacity can be specified. The direction of rain fall can be varied during the .

Rainbow: Adds a rainbow to the image centered at the specified coordinates and with a given radius. The center coordinates and radius can be linearly varied in the range. Left and right cut off of rainbow display can be specified and varied during .

RearViewMirror: Creates an image as viewed in a rear view mirror. Can also create image viewed with Fish eye .

Ripples: a ripple is created over the image centered at the specified coordinates and growing up and subsiding

Rockets: This function generates rocket fire works firing off at regular intervals and displays the glowing embers.

SnowFlakes: creates big or small size snow flakes that drift in wind and fall down. The dense (ness) of snow, drift %age, the falling speed (%age) and whether big or small flakes can be opted.

SnowStorm: Swirling white particles of snow are created on the image. The snow can be either light, medium or heavy or increase from light to heavy or decrease from heavy to light.

Sparkler generates multi colored flashing flowers around a thin pencil like object known as the Firework Sparkler. The sparkler burns from start to end during the range of the .

SpotLight: This function illuminates a specified circular disc area. The illumination (color and strength) can be specified and remains constant. The spot center moves during .

SunFlower: This function generates radially expanding colored light beams in the sky and which finally fall back as in the fireworks.

Swirl: Swirls the image centered at the specified coordinates and up to a given maximum radius. The swirl starts from zero and increases to full in the first part, remains at this size in the second part and reduces to zero in the last part.

TVlook: On a clip a old TV set type image is created from a second clip.

# use either an image or color bars or a video as input
imagereader("C:\..............jpg", end = 200)
#some effects are not seen clearly on colorbars





i = invert()
out = swirl().subtitle(" S W I R L",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + sunflower(radius = 200).subtitle(" S U N F L O W E R",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + TVlook(i,last, elx = 600, ety = 400, col = $ff0000, hq = false, pal = true, cab = $f00).subtitle(" T V L O O K",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + spotlight(radius = 80,x=0, y=0,ex=600,ey=400,color = $7f7f7f).subtitle(" S P O T L I G H T",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + sparkler(radius = 80, x = 0, ex = 600).subtitle(" S P A R L K E R",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + snowstorm().subtitle(" S N O W S T O R M ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + snowflakes().subtitle(" S N O W F L A K E S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + rockets().subtitle(" R O C K E T S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + ripples(lambda = 16, amp = 4).subtitle(" R I P P L E S",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + rainbow(rad = 80, erad = 300).subtitle(" R A I N B O W",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + RearViewMirror( i).subtitle(" R E A R  V I E W  M I R R O R",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + pool().subtitle(" P O O L ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + plasma( plasma = 1, pallet = 1, speed = 1, width = 400, height = 400).subtitle(" P L A S M A ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + LineMagnifier( type = "hor", xy = 2, exy =400, mag = 6, lwidth = 160, simple = false).subtitle(" L I N E M A G N I F I E R ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + LineMagnifier( type = "vert", xy = 2, exy =400, mag = 6, lwidth = 160, simple = true).subtitle(" L I N E M A G N I F I E R ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + lens(radius = 100, x = 0, ex = 600, mag = 2, drop = true).subtitle(" L E N S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)

out = out + fog(startfog=10, endfog = 90, density = 70).subtitle(" F O G ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + flowerpot( x = 0, ex = 600).subtitle(" F L O W E R P O T ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + flashes().subtitle(" F L A S H E S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + fire(decay = 4.01, style = false).subtitle(" F I R E ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + distort().subtitle(" D I S T O R T ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
a = DiscoLights(flick = 1, style = "converge", minrad = 12)
a = a +DiscoLights(flick = 1, style = "diverge", nspots = 20)
a = a +DiscoLights(flick = 1, style = "random")
out = out + a.subtitle(" D I S C O L I G H T S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
c = conez(type = "hor", base = 300, top = 20, shade = 50)
c = c + conez(c,type = "vert", base = 20, top = 250, shade = -50, bkgrnd = c)
out = out +c.subtitle(" C O N E Z ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + bubbles().subtitle(" B U B B L E S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + binoculars(sx = 10, sy =400, ex = 400,ey = 10, magx = 2, emagx = 6, radius = 30).subtitle(" B I N O C U L A R S ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
out = out + balloon( sx = 10,color = $f72354, opacity = 20,radius = 80,nhops = 3,refl = 70, light = "frame", lightx = 300, lighty = 200).subtitle(" B A L L O O N ",text_color=0,align=5,size=32)
last = out
# following  2 lines are required as vdub can not play all formats
return (last)
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