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Author WarpEnterprises
Version v1.4
Download [x86] - zoom_dll_20050122.zip

[x64] - Zoom.7z

Category Rotation
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Plugin to Zoom, Pan & Rotate.


Syntax and Parameters

Zoom (clip, string "srcx", string "srcy", string "dstx", string "dsty", string "factorX", string "factorY", string "angle", int "width", int "height", bool "show")

clip   =
Input clip.

string  srcx = ""
string  srcy = ""
The "center" coordinates in the original frame.

string  dstx = ""
string  dsty = ""
The center coordinates in the moved frame

string  factorX = ""
string  factorY = ""
The magnification factors.

string  angle = ""
The rotation angle in radian.

int  width = 0
int  height = 0
The new image dimensions.

bool  show = false
If true, it prints the calculated values on the image.


Sounds complicated? Not really, try this:

Version().ConverttoRGB32().zoom(dstx="n", angle="n/10")

Here you see that the variable "n" can be used to reference to the current frame number (and this is of course the most important thingie).

Or try:

zoom(factorx="n<41 ? pow((n+1)/41,0.5) : 1", factory="n<41 ? pow((n+1)/41,0.5) : 1", dstx="n<41 ? width/2 : width/2+5*(n-41)", angle="n<41 ? 3.1415*n/10 : 0")

And the new image gets a defined alpha layer (black=transparent, else opaque), so you can layer the result on top of another video.


Version      Date            Changes
2005/01/22 - latest release

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