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Author wonkey_monkey
Version v0.3
Download waveform0.3.zip
Category Audio filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Inspired by AudioGraph, waveform is a plugin to overlay audio waveforms on video clips - useful for identifying sync issues and audio glitches.

Improvements over AudioGraph are:

  • A nicer, variable height overlay
  • Separate graphs for each channel, works with an arbitrary number of channels
  • Works with YV12 video, as well as RGB24/RGB32/YUY2
  • Audio format is passed through unchanged


Syntax and Parameters

waveform (clip, int "window", float "height", bool "under", float "zoom", bool "marks")

clip   =
Input clip; must contain audio and video.

int  window = 1
The number of frames either side to display a waveform for (default: 1).

float  height = 0.333
  • >=1 : height in pixels of each audio channel displayed
  • <1 : total height of waveform display as a fraction of video height (default: 0.333)

bool  under = false
If true, display the waveform underneath the video instead of superimposed on it (default: false).

float  zoom = 1.0
Scale up the waveform.

bool  marks = true
Display frame boundary marks (default: true).


waveform with default values:

AviSource("blah.avi") # make sure clip has audio and video
waveform(window=1, height=0.333, under=false, zoom=1.0, marks=true)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.3 2015/02/28 - new parameter: "marks" - mitigate crash when "window" is set to high values
v0.2 2012/10/06 - commented out the function which uses vsprintf_s - hopefully fixed those rowsize/pitch issues (but only for YV12/YUY2 so far)
v0.1 2012/08/19 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.3 waveform0.3.zip waveform0.3.zip
v0.2 waveform0.2.zip waveform0.2.zip

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