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Author wonkey_monkey
Version v2.0.2
Download waveform2.0.2.zip
Category Audio filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

Waveform is a plugin to overlay audio waveforms on video clips - useful for identifying sync issues and audio glitches.

Waveform v2.0 is a rewrite of the older Waveform v0.3 plugin with the following improvements:

  • Support for all AviSynth+ colourspaces
  • Anti-aliased waveforms
  • Fewer crashes, hopefully
  • When using "zoom" it no longer looks like the waveform is clipping if it goes out of bounds
  • Uses min/max of samples for a more accurate display of sample values
  • The "window" parameter is no longer restricted to integer values

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Waveform (clip, float "window", float "height", float "zoom", bool "under", bool "smooth", bool "aa")

clip   =
Input clip; must contain audio and video.

float  window = 0
The number of frames either side to display a waveform for.

float  height = 0.333
  • >=1 : height in pixels of waveform overlay
  • <1 : total height of waveform display as a fraction of video height.

float  zoom = 1.0
Scale up the waveforms.

bool  under = false
Display the waveform underneath the video instead of superimposed on it.

bool  smooth = false
Smooth out waveforms.

bool  aa = true

[edit] Examples

Waveform with default values:

AviSource("blah.avi") # make sure clip has audio and video
Waveform(window=0, height=0.333, zoom=1.0, under=false, smooth=false, aa=true)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v2.0.2 2022/11/13 - adds frame property pass-through support
v2.0.1 2022/03/02 - fixes a minor but potentially crash-causing bug with RGB24/32/48/68 formats
v2.0 2021/05/15 - v2.0 initial release
v0.3 2015/02/28 - new parameter: "marks" - mitigate crash when "window" is set to high values
v0.2 2012/10/06 - commented out the function which uses vsprintf_s - hopefully fixed those rowsize/pitch issues (but only for YV12/YUY2 so far)
v0.1 2012/08/19 - initial release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v2.0.2 waveform2.0.2.zip waveform2.0.2.zip
v2.0.1 waveform2.0.1.zip waveform2.0.1.zip
v2.0 waveform2.0.zip waveform2.0.zip
v0.3 waveform0.3.zip waveform0.3.zip
v0.2 waveform0.2.zip waveform0.2.zip

[edit] External Links

Doom9 Forum - Waveform v0.3 thread.

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