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Author dubhater , Asd-g
Version v1.0.0
Download vsMSmooth-
Category Spatial Denoisers
License GPLv2



vsMSmooth is a spatial smoother that doesn't touch edges. This plugin is a port of the VapourSynth plugin MSmooth.

Note: in this version, "threshold" is now a percentage and is a floating point value rather than integer like the original version. Values from the original version do not give the same output as MSmooth, hence the name change to vsMSmooth.


*** vcredist_x86.exe is required for vsMSmooth-x86
*** vcredist_x64.exe is required for vsMSmooth-x64

Syntax and Parameters

vsMSmooth (clip, float "threshold", float "strength", bool "mask", bool "luma", bool "chroma")

clip   =
Input clip to process. It must be in 8..16-bit planar format.

float  threshold = 6.0
Sensitivity of the edge detection. Decrease if important edges are getting blurred. This parameter became a percentage in order to make it independent of the bit depth.
Must be between 0.0 and 100.0.

float  strength = 3.0
Number of times the image should be blurred. Increase to make the image smoother and the filter slower.
Must be between 0.0 and 25.0.

bool  mask = false
If True, the edge mask will be returned instead of the filtered frames.

bool  luma = true
bool  chroma = false
Planes to process.
When mask=True, the untouched planes will contain garbage.
When mask=False, the untouched planes will be copied.
When the input clip is RGB, all planes are processed.


vsMSmooth with default settings:

vsMSmooth(threshold=6.0, strength=3.0, mask=false, luma=true, chroma=false)


Version      Date            Changes
v1.0.0 2020/06/25 - Initial release

External Links

  • GitHub - Source code repository.

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