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Author Trevlac
Version 2004/04/12
Download [x86]:

[x64]: TweakColor.rar

Category Levels and Chroma
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum



TweakColor has the ability to target specific hue and saturation ranges for hue and saturation adjustments. For example, you can target highly saturated reds (> 75% saturated) and reduce just them, leaving things like skin tones alone.

Based on the built in Tweak filter.


Syntax and Parameters

TweakColor (clip, float "hue", float "sat", float "bright", float "cont", bool "coring", int "startHue", int "endHue", int "maxSat", int "minSat", int "smooth")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  hue = 0.0
Adjust the color hue of the image.
  • hue>0.0 shifts the image towards red.
  • hue<0.0 shifts the image towards green.
Range -180.0 to +180.0, default=0.0

float  sat = 1.0
Adjust the color saturation of the image by controlling gain of the color channels.
  • sat>1.0 increases the saturation.
  • sat<1.0 reduces the saturation.
Use sat=0 to convert to GreyScale.
Range 0.0 to 10.0, default=1.0

float  bright = 0.0
Change the brightness of the image by applying a constant bias to the luma channel.
  • bright>0.0 increases the brightness.
  • bright<0.0 decreases the brightness.
Range -255.0 to 255.0, default=0.0

float  cont = 1.0
Change the contrast of the image by multiplying the luma values by a constant.
  • cont>1.0 increase the contrast (the luma range will be stretched).
  • cont<1.0 decrease the contrast (the luma range will be contracted).
Range 0.0 to 10.0, default=1.0

bool  coring = true
When set to true (the default), the luma (Y) and chroma are clipped to TV-range;
When set to false, the luma and chroma are unconstrained.

int  startHue = 0
Starting hue to effect, in degrees. Exact magenta is ~ 50 degrees.
Colors are 60 degrees apart. +/-30 around center covers full color.
Colors run clockwise: magenta(50), red(110), yellow(170), green(230), cyan(290), blue(350)
Range: 0 to 359, default=0

int  endHue = 359
Ending hue. If < startHue, we go clockwise.
Range: 0 to 359, default=359

int  maxSat = 115
Max saturation level to effect. Sat is in percents running from 115%-0%.

int  minSat = 0
Min saturation level to effect. Must be < maxSat.

int  smooth = 16
Interpolates past max/min sats to smooth out changes (avoid contours).
Range: 0-64, default=16


TweakColor with default settings:

TweakColor(hue=0.0, sat=1.0, bright=0.0, cont=1.0, coring=true, startHue=0, endHue=359, maxSat=115, minSat=0, smooth=16)


Version         Date            Changes
2020/04/14 2020/04/20 - Update to AviSynth 2.6 api - x64 binary only - updated by videoh
2004/04/12 2004/04/12 - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
2020/04/14 (x64) TweakColor.rar TweakColor.rar
2004/04/12 (x86)

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