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2.60 alpha

v.2.6.0 ST, 32-bit at SourceForge (still in alpha stage)

Shouldn't a note be put up to encourage people to get this version, something like (in StainlessS's words, here)
v2.6 is much better. If you don't like the alpha status, then just don't use 2.6 additional colorspaces or functions - 2.58 compatible stuff is considerably more stable.
Raffriff42 05:34, 20 August 2014 (CEST)

(EDIT forgot to add four ~'s for auto-sig)

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Yeah I've thought about doing something like this. Maybe create a page exclusively for AviSynth 2.6 info and add all possible references in hope of convincing people to use 2.6 over 2.5.8?

As a 2.5.8 replacement 2.6.0 should be just as stable. It passes all current the 2.5 regression tests, while 2.5.8 fails a few due to bugs being fixed and test to expose them being added. Most problems show up in new code, so if you use the new 2.6 features, that is where you might expect to find problems. A lot of people are downloading 2.6. And the only 2.5 bug reports I seem to get are for things broken in 2.5.8 as well, the few 2.6 bug reports are to do with things like YV24 overlay and YV411 text painting. I have most of the API changes mapped out to cover hooks for expected features for 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 like extra colour spaces and threading so that 2.6 plugins won't need to be recompiled. I have a long standing bug in the cache from 2.5.7 that I am working on at present and I intend to do an Alpha 5 release when I finish and test that fix. If Alpha 5 stands up without any new bugs I will probably promote it to Release Candidate 1, i.e. 1st Beta release.

I also have my own little rant on this very issue: - nothing of importance just frustrated that people are still using 2.5.8 and still have the audacity to complain.

Regarding the wiki I never really did anything about it because I don't know what my limits are? I know it's a wiki but I also don't want to overstep any boundaries (if any). Reel.Deal 15:20, 20 August 2014 (CEST)

- yeah I know, editing the main page as a normal user requires chutzpah. Raffriff42 05:34, 20 August 2014 (CEST)
Feel free to make changes, i will read and correct them if necessary. If you want to change something but you are not sure about it, just ask. You can also use the talk pages for such proposals Admin 16:56, 20 August 2014 (CEST)
OK I put something up there. Feel free to edit or roll back completely. Raffriff42 21:51, 20 August 2014 (CEST)

"Avisynth Manual"

...links to Internal filters - wth??
Interested? On this site, you can read more about AviSynth, search the official AviSynth manual, and browse the AviSynth FAQ. Or you can jump straight to pages listed below for downloading Avisynth.
"Internal filters" is a nice page and all, but it's not a Manual. I figured somebody made a typo and went to the archive to find where it went wrong. It seems Internal filters has been the link target for a long, long time - I had to go back to 2007 to find an "AviSynth Manual." It ain't much; it's mostly a list of filters.
Really, these days, the Main Page is the Manual - so I propose we revise any phrases like "browse the manual" to something more appropriate to the context - or simply delete references to the Manual altogether.
Raffriff42 05:53, 21 September 2014 (CEST)
...deleted reference to the Manual, also cleaned up the top nav bar. Raffriff42 17:51, 21 September 2014 (CEST)

User pages

re User pages hosted on this site, the listing on the main page is intended to be temporary. I have no idea how many user pages there are; they are hard to find unless you stumble across them, or else maybe drill down into the all of the Author templates. It would be nice to have an Authors category or better yet, a 'thank-you' page somewhere. It sounds like a lot of work though. If anyone has this info in spreadsheet form in would be a big help. Raffriff42 18:08, 21 September 2014 (CEST)
Not sure what you mean but there are only three authors who have a user page: . I don't know how to get a list of all users who edited at least one page. gives only the users who edited something in the last 30 days. Anyway most users are fake (i think but i'm not sure). They should be merged into a spam account. Admin 18:29, 21 September 2014 (CEST)
I mean Avisynth code or plugin authors, not Wiki authors in this case. If those are the only 3 then there's no need to do anything more. Thanks. Raffriff42 19:01, 21 September 2014 (CEST)


The "Old Wiki" link on the sidebar is dead; it should use Template:OldWiki - or this link directly. --Raffriff42 13:26, 19 January 2016 (CET)

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