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Author basilik, Hosiken StainlessS
Version v1.51
Download SubtitleEx_a25_a26_x86&
Category Subtitling
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum


[edit] Description

The SubtitleEx is an AviSynth plugin to show a text over any video clip with one function inside: SubtitleEx. It is an extension of an existing Subtitle function of the AviSynth. Many of the parameters of the SubtitleEx have the same meaning as a original Subtitle function.

[edit] Requirements

*** vcredist_x86.exe is required for SubtitleEx-x86
*** vcredist_x64.exe is required for SubtitleEx-x64

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

SubtitleEx (clip, string, int "x", int "y", int "firstframe", int "lastframe", string "font", string "effects", int "size", int "textcolor", int "halocolor", int "spc", int "linemargin")

clip   =
Input clip.

string   =
Text - obligatory parameter; no default value; can be multiline, to split a text into lines a "|" symbol is used. "||" will print a single pipe "|" character, without a new line.

int  x = -clipWidth * 0.11
int  y = -clipHeight * 0.17
Text position (default values: x = -clipWidth * 0.11, y = -clipHeight * 0.17). Following picture helps to understand how x and y to be defined:
Subtitleex textmetrics .jpg
Top left corner coordinates are (0, 0), x growth to the right, y growth down.
Value A defines vertical text position if (y >= 0) and then y = A
Value B defines vertical text position if (y < 0) and then y = -B
Value C defines horizontal text position if (x >= 0) and then x = C, text is left aligned
Value D defines horizontal text position if (x < 0) and then x = -D, text is right aligned

int  firstframe = 0
int  lastframe = -1
A range to which the text is applied (default values: firstframe = 0, lastframe = -1); if lastframe = -1 then last clip frame number is used.

string  font = "Arial"
Font name (default value: "Arial")

string  effects = "b"
Effects applied to the text.
Following control letter are used for the font and text appearance (order and position in the effects string do not matter):
b - bold
i - italic
u - underlined
o - strikeOut/strikethrough
c - centered
w - line breaks with "|" are disabled.
n - no anti alias
Following letters are used for usage of different filters:
e - emboss
s - soft blur
g - Gaussian blur filter
l - Laplacian filter (edge detection)

Dynamic effects usually have own parameters in the parentheses. Some parameters can be omitted, then they have default values (currently all of them are zeros). Following letters are used for dynamic effects:
f - fading; the effect has following parameters:
inFrames - number of fade-in frames
outFrames - number of fade-out frames

m - motion; the effect has following parameters:
moveInFrames - number of frames for move-in effect
xPosFrom, yPosFrom - starting point of move-in movement
moveOutFrames - number of frames for move-out effect
xPosTo, yPosTo - final point after move-out

The order, in which filters letters are, is important. A filter can be applied several times and previous filter result is used for the current filter. The usage of the effects string is shown in very details in the Examples section.

int  size = 36
Size of the font.

int  textcolor = $00FFFFFF
Text color.

int  halocolor = $00000000
This parameter defines a color of letters border in most of the cases (default value: $00000000). When the emboss filter is applied the parameter defines the darken side of letters
The color values have the following format (in hex): $TTRRGGBB, where TT stands for a transparency, $00 - opaque, $FF - completely transparent; RR - red color value, GG - green color value, BB - blue color value.

int  spc = 0
Specify the character spacing.

int  linemargin = 0
Specify the line spacing.

[edit] Examples



See examples section here to have a look the possibilities of the plugin.

[edit] Changelog

 Version       Date            Changes

 v1.51         2020/03/11      - StainlessS mod
                               - Given version number of v1.51 - based on Kai mod
                               - Made output same as original SubtitleEx for y=0 and Y=-1. 
                                 (Y=0, Baseline of first line of text is at YCoord 0, Y=-1, 
                                  BaseLine of Last line of text is at YCoord Height-1).
                               - Where "|" inserts a NewLine in text, 
                                 "||" will now print a single Pipe "|" character, without NewLine.
                               - Add support for all v2.60 Std Colorspaces except YV411.

 v1.00         2008/02/18      - Kai mod
                               - Based on the original SubtitleEx by Basilik Tournadski. Source code
                                 was released but no longer available. Source code for "DVTimeStampEx" 
                                 was available and it incorporates SubTitleEx's character display engine,
                                 which was used to rewrite this plugin.
                               - In addition, Japanese characters are now correctly displayed.
                               - The ability to set line breaks and line spacing has been added.

 v0.1.1        2004/09/12      - Latest release by Basilik Tournadski.

 v0.1.0        2004/05/24      - Initial release by Basilik Tournadski.

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.51 SubtitleEx_a25_a26_x86&

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