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Up-to-date documentation:

ShowFiveVersions(clip clip1, clip clip2, clip clip3, clip clip4, clip clip5)

ShowFiveVersions takes five video streams and combines them in a staggered arrangement from left to right. The only use for this (that I can think of) is to help find the NTSC pulldown pattern. You can do this using code like this:

# view all five pulldown patterns at once:
# put a resizing filter here if necessary (see below):
a = Pulldown(0, 2).Subtitle("0, 2")
b = Pulldown(1, 3).Subtitle("1, 3")
c = Pulldown(2, 4).Subtitle("2, 4")
d = Pulldown(0 ,3).Subtitle("0 ,3")
e = Pulldown(1, 4).Subtitle("1, 4")
ShowFiveVersions(a, b, c, d, e)

This code displays the five pulldown patterns with some text identifying which is which. You can then look through the movie and pick the pattern which avoids blending frames. (In ordinary pulldown, there will actually be two which work equally well. Look at the diagrams in the Pulldown filter section to see why.) If none of the five work properly, then you're dealing with one of the more perverse forms of pulldown and you might want to use PeculiarBlend.

If you're planning to capture at a high resolution and then scale down after, you should place the ReduceBy2 or BilinearResize or whatever just after the DoubleWeave statement in the code above. Before DoubleWeave it won't work correctly, and if you postpone it any further, ShowFiveVersions will produce a really big frame.

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