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Author Mug Funky, Didée
Version 3.0
Download salFPS3.avs
Category Frame Rate Converters
Discussion Doom9 Thread



A modded version of MotionProtectedFPS for extra protection. Originally created by Mug Funky, modded by Didée.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or greater
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Required Plugins

Syntax and Parameters

salFPS3 (clip input, float FPS, int "mode", int "protection", int "protection2", int "iterate", int "reset", int "initialise")

clip  input =
Input clip to be converted.

float  FPS =
The FPS to be converted to, this value is not optional so it must be specified.

int  mode = warp
  • move : construct new frame by moving blocks
  • warpfast : construct new frame by stretching blocks
  • warp : construct new frame by stretching blocks; more accurate than warpfast

int  protection = 80
multiplier value for SumStretchFPSMask.

int  protection2 = 20
thY1 value for mt_edge; low threshold, if the pixel value is less than thY1, the pixel is set to 0.

int  interate = 2
iterate value for FindMotion.

int  reset = 50
reset value for FindMotion.
  • reset=0 : motion estimation always uses estimated motion vectors for the previous frame, which forces linear access.
  • reset=50 : motion vectors are calculated from scratch every 50 frames, allowing seeking. Lower values will allow faster seeking.

int  initialise = 6
initialise value for FindMotion; higher values increase the accuracy of vectors calculated from scratch, at the cost of increased calculation time.


Change frame rate to 23.976:

fps = 24000.0/1001.0 salFPS3(fps)

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