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Author Lefungus, On2Tech
Version v0.25.1.0
Download SSIM_0251.7z
Category Debug filter
Discussion Doom9 Thread



A filter that compute an objective video quality metric between two videos. Based on SSIM work from Zhou Wang.


Syntax and Parameters

SSIM (clip, clip, string, string, int "lumimask", int "scaled")
SSIM_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_Y_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_U_FRAME (clip, clip)
SSIM_V_FRAME (clip, clip)

clip   =
clip   =
clip1 and clip2 are the reference clip and the compressed clip.

string   = "results.csv"
The file where obtained SSIM values will be written (this can be easily read in excel or notepad for those unfamiliar with the comma separated variables format)

string   = "globalSSIM.txt"
The file where global SSIM values will be written.

int  lumimask = 1
This filter is designed to compute an SSIM value by three methods, the original one, and a "enhanced" one that weight these results by lumimasking.
0 : lumamasking disabled
1 : lumamasking enabled (original method from SSIM v0.24)
2 : lumamasking enabled (new method as proposed by On2Tech) - see discussion here and here for more info.

int  scaled = 1
The global score is scaled from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1. Set to false if you prefer it non-scaled.
0 : false
1 : true



SSIM(clip1, clip2, "results.csv", "globalSSIM.txt", lumimask=1, scaled=1)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.25.1.0 2020/03/31 - changes by Groucho2004 - update to avisynth 2.6 api, latest headers from avs+ - x64 binary v0.25.1.0 - Modifications by On2Tech, see discussion here and here - add "SSIM_FRAME", "SSIM_Y_FRAME", "SSIM_U_FRAME", "SSIM_V_FRAME" functions v0.24a 2005/04/05 - change "lumimask" and "scaled" from bool to integer - add "lumimask=2" mode v0.24 2004/06/06 - various bugfixes v0.23 - minor memory leak removed v0.22 - added "scaled" parameter v0.21 - flag for globalSSIM added - some checks added v0.20 2003/09/10 - Updated. It is somewhat faster, and include lumimasking. v0.10 2003/07/29 - Initial release [1] - No vectorization yet, so it's quite slow. - Thanks Zhou Wang and Mfa for their code !

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.25.1.0 (2020) SSIM_0251.7z SSIM_0251.7z
v0.25.1.0 SSIM0.25.1.0.rar SSIM0.25.1.0.rar
v0.24 Binary: SSIM-0.24.rar /// Source: SSIMSrc-0.24.rar
v0.23 Binary: SSIM-0.23.rar /// Source: SSIMSrc-0.23.rar

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