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Author Didée
Version 2006/09/04
Download SPresso script
Category Spatial-Temporal Denoisers
Discussion Doom9 Thread



SPresso (Spatial Pressdown) is a purely spatial script designed to achieve better compressibility without doing too much harm to the original detail.
SPresso was not designed for 1080p processing/encoding; due to its 3x3 kernel it works better on standard definition (SD) content like DVDs and possibly on 720p.
On noisy DVD/SD sources, compression gain usually is from 2% to 3% (light settings -> changes almost invisible) up to 10 to 12% (stronger settings -> slight, gentle softening, not very obvious).


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Syntax and Parameters

SPresso (clip clp, int "limit", int "bias", int "RGmode", int "limitC", int "biasC", int "RGmodeC")

clip  clp =
Input clip.

int  limit = 2
Limit the maximum change for any given pixel.

int  bias = 25
Something like "aggessivity": '20' is a very light setting, '33' is already quite strong.

int  RGmode = 4
RemoveGrain mode for the luma (Y) channel. The default of "4" is the best in most cases.
Mode 19 and 20 might work better in other cases; if set to 0, luma will be copied from the input clip.

int  limitC = 4
Same as limit but for chroma.

int  biasC = 50
Same as bias but for chroma.

int  RGmodeC = 0
RemoveGrain mode for the chroma channels (UV) channels; by default the chroma is simply copied from the input clip.
To process chroma, set RGmodeC=4 (or 19, 20, or any other compatible mode).


SPresso with all default values:

SPresso(limit=2, bias=25, RGmode=4, limitC=4, tlimiC=50, RGmodeC=0)


Version         Date            Changes
2006/09/04 2006/09/04 - Corrected a BIG bug
2006/08/24 2006/08/24 - Added chroma processing - Now uses MaskTools2 by default.
2005/11/28 2005/11/28 - Initial release

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