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A fast vertical median identical to the original VerticalCleaner.


Syntax and Parameters

VerticalCleaner (clip, int "mode", int "modeU", int "modeV", bool "planar")

clip   =
Input clip must be planar.

int  mode = 1
int  modeU = mode
int  modeV = modeU
  • 0 : copy input
  • 1 : vertical median
  • 2 : relaxed vertical median (preserves more detail)
By default if modeU is not set it defaults to the value of mode. If modeV is not set it defaults to the value of modeU.
Note: The default mode of the original VerticalCleaner is 2.

bool  planar = false
Parameter to keep compatibility with the original plugin; it's use is not recommended.
This allows to skip any colorspace checks whatsoever, making the filter always assume that planar input is passed.


VerticalCleaner with default values:

VerticalCleaner(mode=1, modeU=1, modeV=1, planar=false)

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