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Author Chikuzen
Version v0.3.0
Category Colourspace Conversion
License GPLv2



This plugin is a set of filters that offers converting packed(interleaved) formats to planar formats and vice versa.

AviSynth has these already as internal filters, but those are a little difficult to use, and optimization is insufficient.


*** vcredist_x86.exe is required for PlanarTools-x86
*** vcredist_x64.exe is required for PlanarTools-x64

Syntax and Parameters


Convert packed format to planar format without changing the pixel values.

PackedToPlanar (clip clip)

clip   =
Input clip must be RGB24, RGB32, or YUY2. Output format is YV24(RGB24, RGB32) or YV16(YUY2).


Extract a color channel from packed format, and output as a Y8 clip.

PackedToPlanar (clip clip, int "plane")

clip   =
Input clip must be RGB24, RGB32, or YUY2.

int  plane =
Color channel to extract. Default is 0 for (RGB24/YUY2) or 3 for (RGB32).
  • 0 : Blue(RGB24/RGB32) or Y(YUY2)
  • 1 : Green(RGB24/RGB32) or U(YUY2)
  • 2 : Red(RGB24/RGB32) or V(YUY2). 3: Alpha(RGB32)
This is same as ShowGreen/ShowBlue/ShowRed/ShowAlpha(on RGB) or ConvertToY8/UToY8/VToY8(on YUY2), but faster.


Make a RGB32 clip from multiple planar format clips without changing the pixel values.

PlanarToRGB32(clip base, clip alpha)
PlanarToRGB32(clip green, clip blue, clip red, clip alpha)

clip   =
Base clip: YV24 only. Each planes are mapped as follows: Y : Green | U : Blue | V : Red

clip   =
clip   =
clip   =
Green, blue, red - planar formats clips. Only Y-planes are used.

clip   =
Alpha - planar format. Only Y-plane is used. must be the same resolution of others.


Convert RGB24 clip to RGB32, and vice versa.

RGBToRGB (clip clip)

clip   =
Input clip must be RGB24 or RGB32.




  • All filters are SSE2 optimized. Thus these will cause crash on No SSE2 machine.
  • RGBToRGB requires SSSE3. If SSSE3 is not available on your machine, it invoke internal ConvertToRGB24/ConvertToRGB32 filter instead.

External Links

  • GitHub - Source code repository.

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