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Author wonkey_monkey
Version v0.1
Download pixelscope0.1.zip
Category Debug filter
License  ?
Discussion Doom9 Thread



This debugging filter displays individual pixel values.


Syntax and Parameters

pixelscope (clip, int "scale", bool "hex", int "darken", bool "grid", bool "interlaced", string "matrix", bool "nocrop", bool "right")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  scale = 32
Upscale factor.

bool  hex = false
Displays values in hexadecimal.

int  darken = 1
This parameters darkens the input video for display. It does not affect displayed pixel values.
  • 0 : do not darken video
  • 1 : darken video (default)
  • 2 : darken video more

bool  grid = true
Enable/disable grid lines.

bool  interlaced = false
For YV12 video, this determines whether the video is treated as interlaced when converted to RGB for display, and also changes how the UV values are displayed to reflect interlacing.

string  matrix = "rec601"
Colour matrix to use when converting to RGB for display. See ConvertToRGB.

bool  nocrop = false
By default, pixelscope crops the input so that the output does not exceed 4K resolution - this is to avoid crashing AviSynth or your viewer. Setting this to true disables cropping

bool  right = false
Right aligns pixel values instead of centering them.





Version      Date            Changes
v0.1 2018/08/26 - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.1 pixelscope0.1.zip

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