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Author Wilbert Dijkhof
Version v0.2
Download MinMaxAudio_v02.zip
Category Audio filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum



MinMaxAudio computes the root mean square, maximal or minimal value over all samples in all channels,or just over all samples in channel, and outputs the value (in decibels) as a float[1]. It's a conditional audio filter, so the computation is done framewise.


Syntax and Parameters

AudioMin (clip, int "channel")
AudioMax (clip, int "channel")
AudioRMS (clip, int "channel")

clip   =
Input clip, audio is converted to float internally.

int  channel = 0
channel=0 (default) means that the max/min/rms is taken over all samples in all channels (framewise).


v = BlankClip(pixel_type="YV12")
a = Tone(type="Triangle", frequency=2, level=0.4)
w = AudioDub(v,a) #.Histogram(mode="audiolevels")
#w = ScriptClip(w, "Subtitle(String(AudioMax(1)))")
w = ScriptClip(w, "Subtitle(String(AudioRMS(0)))")
#w = ScriptClip(w, "Subtitle(String(AudioMin(1)))")
w = w #.ConvertToRGB32.AudioGraph(20)
return w

Note that the values are given in decibels (see also Histogram("audiolevels") docs for an explanation).


Version      Date            Changes
v0.2 2007/09/09 - latest version v0.1 2007/08/23 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.2 MinMaxAudio_v02.zip MinMaxAudio_v02.zip

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