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Up-to-date documentation:

MessageClip produces a clip containing a text message. Used internally for error reporting.

The font face is "Arial". The font size is between 24 points and 9 points - chosen to fit, if possible, in the width by height clip. The pixeltype is RGB32.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

MessageClip(string message [, int width, int height, bool shrink, int text_color, int halo_color, int bg_color ] )

string  message =
The message to be displayed. Required.
int  width = -1
int  height = -1
Width and height of the resulting clip. By default, the width and height are chosen such that it can display the message with size 24 points.
bool  shrink = false
If true, and width and/or Height are specified, the clip resolution is reduced to a smaller size, if possible, to fit the text.
If false (the default), the text will appear at the top-center of the video frame.
int  text_color = color_white
int  halo_color = color_black
int  bg_color = color_black
Colors for font fill, outline and background respectively. Default white, black, black.

[edit] Examples


 MessageClip(VersionString, width=240) 

MessageClip(VersionString, bg_color=$ff0000) 

 MessageClip(VersionString, bg_color=$ff0000, height=80)

 MessageClip(VersionString, bg_color=$ff0000, height=80, shrink=true)
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