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A binary median blur filter. It will take advantage of ISSE if present.


Syntax and Parameters

MedianBlurB (clip, int "radiusy", int "radiusu", int "radiusv", int "thresholdy", int "thresholdu", int "thresholdv", bool "calcborder")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  radiusy = 2
int  radiusu = 2
int  radiusv = 2
Specify the radius to use:
  • If the supplied radius is between -1 and -255 the plane is set to -radius.
  • If the the radius is 0 the plane is copied unaltered.
  • If the radius is less than -255 the plane isn't processed at all.
  • Default is 2.

int  thresholdy = 127
int  thresholdu = 127
int  thresholdv = 127
  • Specify the threshold to use to make the mask. Afterwards the mask is median blured.
  • Default is 127.

bool  calcborder = true
  • If true (default) the borders of the frame is filtered too.
  • If false then the border is copied from the source clip.


MedianBlurB with default settings:

MedianBlurB(radiusy=2, radiusu=2, radiusv=2, thresholdy=127, thresholdu=127, thresholdv=127, calcborder=true)

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