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Gives clip property information as a text overlay in the upper-left corner.

Info(clip clip)
Info(clip clip, [string font, float size, int text_color, int halo_color ) AVS+

string  font = "Arial"
Font name; can be the name of any installed Windows font.
float  size = (auto)
Height of the text in pixels, and is rounded to the nearest 0.125 pixel. Default depends on clip resolution.
int  text_color = color_yellow
int  halo_color = color_black
Colors for font fill and outline respectively. Default yellow, black.

The displayed information consists of:

  • current frame and total frame count,
  • current time and total duration,
  • colorspace,
  • width and height,
  • frame rate (as floating-point and fraction),
  • whether it is field or frame based,
  • parity: whether AviSynth thinks it is bottom or top field first,
  • video pitch (length of a video line in bytes),
  • whether there is audio present,
  • the number of audio channels,
  • audio sample type,
  • audio sample rate,
  • total audio samples and total audio duration (hh:mm:ss:ddd),
  • a CPU flag with supported optimizations.

In v2.60, Info creates its own canvas when given an audio only clip.



Results in a video with the following information overlay:

 Frame: 0 of 6035
 Time: 00:00:00:000 of 00:04:01:400
 ColorSpace: YUY2
 Width: 720 pixels, Height: 576 pixels.
 Frames per second: 25.0000 (25/1)
 FieldBased (Separated) Video: NO
 Parity: Bottom Field First
 Video Pitch: 1440 bytes.
 Has Audio: YES
 Audio Channels: 2
 Sample Type: Integer 16 bit
 Samples Per Second: 44100
 Audio length: 10650150 samples. 00:04:01:500


AVS+ Added formatting arguments.
v2.60 Added support audio only clips.
v2.57 Added time of current frame, total time, numerator and denominator of the framerate and audio length.
v2.55 Added supported CPU optimizations.
v2.50 Initial Release.
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