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Author Loren Merritt
Version v0.11
Download 32 bit: hqdn3d-0.11.zip
64 bit: hqdn3d_4-08-2010.7z
Category Spatial-Temporal Denoisers
License GPLv2



High Quality DeNoise 3D is an AviSynth 2.5 port of the MPlayer filter of the same name. It performs a 3-way low-pass filter, which can completely remove high-frequency noise while minimizing blending artifacts.


Syntax and Parameters

hqdn3d (clip, float "ls", float "cs", float "lt", float "ct", int "restart")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  ls = 4.0
float  cs = 3.0
ls and cs (0-255) are the strengths of the spatial filtering on the luma and chroma respectively. Increasing these values will improve the smoothing but may overblur; anything above about 10 is probably not a good idea.

float  lt = 6.0
float  ct = 4.5
lt and ct (0-255) are the strengths of the temporal filtering on the luma and chroma respectively. Increasing these values will improve the smoothing but may cause ghosting; anything above about 13 is probably not a good idea.

int  restart = lt+1
Whenever a frame is requested out of order, restart filtering this many frames before. While seeking still slightly affects the content of the frames returned, this should reduce the disturbance to an unnoticeable level.

Usage notes:
  • Filter strengths vary from 0 (no filtering) to 255 (there will be nothing left of your video). If any options are omitted, they will assume a value based on any other options that you did specify.
    For example, hqdn3d(ls=2) is equivalent to hqdn3d(ls=2, cs=1.5, lt=3, ct=2.25).
  • If your image looks oversmoothed (watch especially for chroma bleeding!), reduce ls and cs; if you notice ghosting/frame blending, reduce lt and ct. That's all there is to it.


hqdn3d with all default values:

hqdn3d(ls=4.0, cs=3.0, lt=6.0, ct=4.5, restart=7)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.11 2005/01/25 - Fix a floating-point exception. v0.10 2004/10/25 - Initial release.

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
64 bits build hqdn3d_4-08-2010.7z hqdn3d_4-08-2010.rar
v0.11 hqdn3d-0.11.zip hqdn3d-0.11.zip
v0.10 hqdn3d-0.10.zip hqdn3d-0.10.zip
  • 64-bit version compiled by JoshyD.

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