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You can backup pages that you consider important using the Special:Export facility of the wiki. At the text area of that page enter for each page that you want to backup its name as you type it when you create a link for it (for example for the main page type Main Page (Main_Page will also work) in a separate line. Use the checkbox below the text area to include the entire history of the pages to backup if you wish. When you press the Export button you will get an XML file from the server that you can save it at your computer.

This procedure can be used to make a backup from a single page to the entire wiki. In order to find all the pages of the wiki, use the Special:Prefixindex page and follow the procedure below:

  • For each wiki namespace that you want to backup, keep the Display pages with prefix: textbox empty and select the namespace. Then press the Go button.
  • A multi (three) column list will appear with the names of the pages as links. Copy (by click-and-drag with the mouse to select and then pressing Ctrl-C or using an equivalent command) all the page names.
  • Open a unicode-capable text editor of your choice and paste as non-formatted unicode text.
  • Perform the following series of replacements:
  • Replace tab characters with paragraph marks
  • Replace two consecutive paragraph marks with one. Repeat as many times as needed to get zero replacements as the result.
  • Copy the resulting text to the text area of the Special:Export page (for each namespace after the first append the text to the end).

When you have finished with all wiki namespaces, set the checkbox to your liking and press the Export button as described above. You can also save the contents of your page list as a unicode text file to save the time of repeating the whole procedure at the next backup.

To import the backed-up pages you can use the Special:Import page, if you are a SysOp. If not, you can still open the backup XML file with a text editor, locate the tag containing the text of the page and edit the wiki page as usual copying and pasting the backed-up text from the XML file.

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