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Author LaTo
Version v1.5 - Update 2009/12/30
Download GradFun2DBmod.v1.5.avsi
Category Debanding
Discussion Doom9 Thread



An advanced debanding script based on GradFun2DB.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Syntax and Parameters

GradFun2DBmod (clip input, float "thr", float "thrC", int "mode", float "str", float "strC", int "temp", int "adapt", string "custom", bool "mask", int "radius", int "range", bool "show", int "screenW", int "screenH")

clip  input =
Input clip.


float  thr = 1.2
GradFun2db "thr" parameter; threshold representing the strength of the filter on the luma channel.
float  thrC = 1.2
Same as thr but for the chroma channels. If this parameter is not specified it defaults to the value of thr.
int  mode = 2
Mode for the addition of 16 pixels around the image. Turning this parameter off will leave the outer 16 pixels on all borders unprocessed, this is a limitation of GradFun2db.
     0 = Off                             [same as GradFun2db]
     1 = AddBorders  (speed:+ quality:-) [same as GradFunk]
     2 = PointResize (speed:+ quality:+) [recommended]
     3 = Flip/Stack  (speed:- quality:+) [same as GradFunkMirror]


float  str = 0.8
AddGrainC "var" parameter; the standard deviation (strength) of the luma noise, 0.0 is disabled.
float  strC = 0.0
AddGrainC "uvar" parameter; the standard deviation (strength) of the chroma noise, 0.0 is disabled (default).
int  temp = 50
Strength for temporal stabilization.
  • -1 = off
  • 0 = nervous grain
  • 50 = half and half
  • 100 = calm grain
Range: -1 to 100
int  adapt = 64
Threshold for luma-adaptative grain.
  • -1 = off
  • 0 = source
  • 255 = invert
Range: -1 to 255
string  custom = "empty"
Use your own grain generator instead of AddGrainC (temp & adapt parameters are on, set -1 to turn off).


bool  mask = true
Use adaptative deband mask(dither/grain is only applied to areas with banding's susceptibility).
int  radius = 2
Radius for the mask (1 is the fastest, 2-3 are slower)
int  range = 2
Range used in the mask (1-3 are good value)


bool  show = false
Show debug clip & information [1].
int  screenW = 1280
int  screenH = 1024
Screen resolution (for show clip).


GradFun2DBmod with default settings:

GradFun2DBmod (thr=1.2, thrC=1.2, mode=2, str=0.8, strC=0.0, temp=50, adapt=64, custom="empty", \
               mask=true, radius=2, range=2, show=false, screenW=1280, screenH=1024)

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