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Author Tom Barry
Version v0.0.9.1
Category Frame Rate Converters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



FrameDbl will generate extra frames to double the frame rate of movies from 24 to 48 FPS to give smoother motion. It does this using a motion compensated approach to interpolating between frames.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Syntax and Parameters

FrameDbl (clip, int, int)

clip   =
Input clip; only luma will be processed.
int   =
motion threshold: the maximum amount a pixel may change before FrameDbl stops blending and uses the current value. (0 - 255)
int   =
search effort: how many possible adjacent locations to search for best possible interpolation. valid values are 1,3, or 9:
  • 1 = no motion search except current location, fastest but least smooth motion
  • 3 = search 1 pixel motion, left & right <= RECOMMENDED
  • 9 = search a 3x3 square. This is slower but maybe smoother. It also may have more single pixel artifacts.

  • Note: all parameters are unnamed and do not have a default so they must be specified.


FrameDbl(255,3) # (motion threshold, search effort)

I've been been just leaving motion threshold at 255 (the max) so far but more testing is needed. A value of 128 also works well. I currently recommend the value 3 for search effort. A value 9 doesn't help noticeably, costs more to run and causes a few stray 1 pixel artifacts.

If you look at the individual frames generated they look as awful as blended frames often do when taken singly. But when viewed at 48 FPS on an even fast display refresh rate it looks MUCH better. So be sure to test both.

Note that since every other output frame is unblended it is possible later to reclaim an unblended file, simply by decimating.


Version       Date            Changes
v0.0.9.1 2003/06/21 - Add Search Effort parameter to save wasted CPU v0.0.9.0 2003/06/18 - Initial test release for AviSynth 2.5 only

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