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Author Didée
Version 2012/04/12
Download FineSharp.avsi
Category Sharpeners
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Small and relatively fast realtime-sharpening function, for 1080p, or after scaling 720p -> 1080p during playback (to make 720p look more like being 1080p).
It's a generic sharpener. Only for good quality sources! (If the source is crap, FineSharp will happily sharpen the crap.) ;) Noise/grain will be enhanced, too. The method is GENERIC.

Modus operandi: A basic nonlinear sharpening method is performed, then the *blurred* sharp-difference gets subtracted again.


Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Additional planar colorspaces are supported when using AviSynth 2.6, RgTools and appropriate MaskTools2.

Syntax and Parameters

FineSharp (clip c, int "mode", float "sstr", float "cstr", float "xstr", float "lstr", float "pstr", float "ldmp")

clip  c =
Input clip.

int  mode = 1
Range: 1 to 3
1 to 3, weakest to strongest. When negative -1 to -3, a broader kernel for equalization is used.

float  sstr = 2.0
Range: 0.0 up to ??
Strength of sharpening.

float  cstr = AUTO
Range: 0.0 - 2.0 ?
Strength of equalization.
Recommended value: 0.5 to 1.25
If all settings are left at their default value then cstr=0.9

float  xstr = 0.19
Range: 0.0 - 1.0 (but, better don't go beyond 0.249 ...)
Strength of XSharpen-style final sharpening.

float  lstr = 1.49
Modifier for non-linear sharpening.

float  pstr = 1.272
Exponent for non-linear sharpening.

float  ldmp = sstr+0.1
"low damp", to not overenhance very small differences (noise coming out of flat areas).
If sstr is left at its default value (2.0) then ldmp=2.1


FineSharp with default settings:

FineSharp(mode=1, sstr=2.0, cstr=0.9, xstr=0.19, lstr=1.49, pstr=1.272, ldmp=2.1)

More examples:

FineSharp(mode=2, sstr=2.0,  cstr=1.3, xstr=0.0,  lstr=1.49, pstr=1.472, ldmp=4.2) ## moderate
FineSharp(mode=3, sstr=6.0,  cstr=1.3, xstr=0.0,  lstr=1.49, pstr=1.472, ldmp=9.2) ## strong


Version         Date            Changes
2012/04/12 2012/04/12 - Added "ldmp" parameter, and slightly modified the (auto) cstr defaults
2012/04/08 2012/04/08 - Initial release

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