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Author V.C.Mohan
Version 9 May 2016
Download FFTQuiver_2_6.zip
Category External filters
License GPLv2



4 Functions for frequency domain customizable filtering in one or two dimensions. Full Description
FFTQuiver plugin has two main functions: F1Quiver, F2Quiver. To visualize the frequency spectra and correctly specify filters, two supporting functions are also included. These are F1QTest and F2QTest. These have identical parameters with the processing functions for ease of scripting.

  • F1Quiver and F1QTest transforms image data row by row into one dimensional spatial frequency domain.
  • F2Quiver and F2QTest as the name implies converts whole of image through a 2d transform into spatial frequency domain.

These functions have a large number of cascadable frequency domain Gaussian and Butterworth filters for image processing.F1Quiver has a custom filter facility also. Homomorphic filtering can also be done with these functions.

  • For AviSynth+ see FQPlus, includes high bit depth colorspace support and 64-bit.


Runtime dependencies

The following are required, FFTQuiver will not run or load without them.

*** 32-bit libfftw3f-3.dll needs to be in the search path (C:\Windows\SysWOW64 64-bit OS or C:\windows\system32 32-bit OS)

Syntax and Parameters

F1Quiver (clip, int "Array of values", bool "morph", bool "rescale", float "gamma", int "frad", bool "uv")

clip   =
Input clip

int  Array of values = #,#,#,#
Sets of integers. For "custom" pairs of frequency and percentage amplitude must follow. Each standard filter has a set of 4 values

bool  custom = false
Is filter of custom design?

bool  morph = false
Whether homomorphic filtering is to be done?

bool  uv = false
Whether Planar U and V planes also to be filtered

F2Quiver (clip, int "Array of values", bool "morph", bool "rescale", int "frad", bool "uv")

clip   =
Input clip

int  Array of values = #,#,#,...
Sets of integers. For F2Quiver at least one set must be specified.

bool  morph = false
Is this a homomorphic process?

bool  rescale = false
Is rescaling the output required?

float  gamma = 0.05
Gamma value to be used for spectral display scaling

int  gamma = 32
Filter radial length

boolean  uv = false
Are u and v planes of YUV444 to be filtered?


F1Quiver(25,100,34,0,42,0, 54,100, custom = true)
F1Quiver(5,39,200,1, uv = true)

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