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Author canuckerfan
Version 1.04
Download EdgeCleaner script
Category Deringing & Mosquito Noise
Discussion Doom9 Thread



A simple edge cleaning and weak dehaloing function.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Progressive input only
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Optional plugins:

  • Deen - only required if smode is specifically set to use Deen.

Syntax and Parameters

EdgeCleaner (clip c, int "strength", bool "rep", int "rmode", int "smode", bool "hot")

clip  c =
Input clip.

int  strength = 10
specifies edge denoising strength.

bool  rep = true
Activates Repair for the aWarpSharped clip (true; requires Repair)

int  rmode = 17
Specifies the Repair mode:
  • Mode 1 is very mild and good for halos.
  • Mode 16 and 18 are good to preserve edge structure on strong settings but keep more halos and edge noise,
  • Mode 17 is similar to 16 but keeps much less haloing, other modes are not recommended (17; requires Repair).

int  smode = 0
Specifies what method will be used for finding small particles, ie stars:
  • 0 : disabled
  • 1 : use RemoveGrain
  • 2 : use Deen

bool  hot = false
Specifies whether removal of hot pixels should take place.


EdgeCleaner with default settings:

EdgeCleaner(strength=10, rep=true, rmode=17, smode=0, hot=false)


 03/04/2012  v1.04
     - adapted the code to work with SEt's updated aWarpSharp2
     - removed the redundant fix parameter
     - increased default strength to 10
06/08/2008 v1.03 - improved mask that leaves less warping and more original line structure, therefore higher strengths are now safe to use - improved StarMask() - removed super mode - removed srep, sshiqloc, some smodes and VD_SmartSmoothHiQ() due to StarMask() changes
01/06/2008 v1.02 - added srep parameter - improved particle masking
01/06/2008 v1.01 - added masking for particles with two parameters; smode and sshiqloc
12/05/2008 v1.00 - removed line darkening, mode 2 mask, RemoveGrain - assert changed to colorspace conversion to yv12 - fixed some logic problems - "fixed" the aWarpSharp black pixel bug - added Repair

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