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Up-to-date documentation:

Echo(clip clip1, clip clip2 [, ...])

Echo forces getframe accesses to all the input clips (up to the number of frames of the first clip). The results from clip2 and up are discarded. The result from clip1 is returned.

This may be useful forcing alternate script paths with ImageWriter and WriteFile.


clip1 = ColorBars.Trim(0,99).ShowFrameNumber() # numbered clip (640x480)
clip2 = clip1.SelectEvery(10, 0) # select frame 0, 10, 20, ...
clip2 = clip2.BilinearResize(160, 120) # create thumbnails of frame 0, 10, 20, ...
clip2 = clip2.ImageWriter(file="D:\AviSynth\Plugins\file", type="jpg")
Echo(clip1, clip2) # returns clip1, exports clip2 (the thumbnails)


v2.60 Initial release
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