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Dissolve(clip clip1, clip clip2 [,...], int overlap [, float fps])

Dissolve is like AlignedSplice, except that the clips are combined with some overlap. The last overlap frames of the first video stream are blended progressively with the first overlap frames of the second video stream so that the streams fade into each other. The audio streams are blended similarly.

The fps parameter is optional, default=24.0, and provides a reference for overlap in audio only clips. It is ignored if a video stream is present. Set fps=AudioRate() if sample exact audio positioning is required.

The term "dissolve" is sometimes used for a different effect in which the transition is pointwise rather than graduated. This filter won't do that.


 #load sources
 a = AVISource("clipA.avi")
 b = AVISource("clipB.avi")
 #30 frame Dissolve between clipA & clipB; last & clipA; last & clipB
 #Resulting output: clipA (Dissolve) clipB (Dissolve) clipA (Dissolve) clipB.
 Dissolve(a, b, 30) 
 Dissolve(last, a, 30)
 Dissolve(last, b, 30)

See filters with multiple input clips for the resulting clip properties.


v2.56 Added fps parameter.
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