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Author Prunedtree
Version r6
Download debilinear
Category Resize
License Closed source


[edit] Description

This filter is designed to reverse the effects of bilinear upsampling. Parameters and sampling pattern try to mimic AviSynth's BilinearResize. Debilinear is only effective on "ideal" or close to ideal conditions. The conditions are that the material has to be a pure bilinear upscale, and you have to know exactly what was the original resolution and the possible sub-pixel shifts. Any other material overlayed on top of the upscale (like native 1080i/1080p credits) will cause ringing or visual defects. Same with compression artefacts, which will be amplified to death, so debilinear is clearly not suited for TV streams or any other low quality sources.

Note: Descale is recommended as a modern replacement for Debilinear.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Limitations

  • Sampling at 1:1 resolution is known to be unstable.
  • This filter is not made for upsampling.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

debilinear (clip, int target_width, int target_height, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", bool "lsb_inout")
debilinearY (clip, int target_width, int target_height, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", bool "lsb_inout")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  target_width =
int  target_height =
presumed 'native' resolution.

float  src_left = 0
float  src_top = 0
float  src_width =
float  src_height =
Optional crop rectangle in the input frame.

bool  lsb_inout = false
16-bit input and output; uses DitherTools' Stack16 format.

  • debilinearY ignores chroma planes.

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
r6 07/26/2012 + more optimizations (~50% speedup) - fixed 16-bit rounding bug
r5 07/20/2012 + some small optimizations (~35% speedup) - fixed UV shift glitch
r4 07/16/2012 - fixed RGB highdepth bug - fixed border glitch
r3 07/01/2012 - memory leak fixed
r2 07/01/2012 + some SSE code (~4x speedup) - fixed little glitch in 16-bit mode + full YV12 support
r1 06/30/2012 + changed sampling patterns (mimics bilinearResize) + YV12 luma support + 16-bit (dithertools format) support

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
r6 debilinear

[edit] External Links

  • Doom9 Forum - Using Debilinear with Canon EOS cameras.
  • Doom9 Forum - Debilinear444 discussion.
  • MediaFire - DebilinearM.avsi - a function to mask native 1080p content when using Debilinear.

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