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Author V. C. Mohan
Version 14 Oct 2015
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum



DeSaltPepper uses morphology technique to identify such noise and replace those pixels by average or minimum or maximum whichever is appropriate of the surrounding pixels. Full Description.

  • For AviSynth+ see modPlus, includes high bit depth colorspace support and 64-bit.


Syntax and Parameters

DeSaltPepper (clip, string "opt", int "tol", bool "uv", bool "avg", int "feedback")

clip   =
Input clip

string  opt = "both"
Process option:
  • "salt"
  • "pepper"
  • "both"

int  tol = 0
Tolerance limit which is not noise.
Range: -5 to 5

bool  uv = true
UV processing required?
  • true for u, v process
  • false for not processing u, v

bool  avg = true
Is average is replacement value?
  • true for average
  • false for max value of neighborhood for salt and minimum value for pepper

int  feedback = 0
Number of feed back loops in processing to be used. Applicable only if avg=true.
Range: 0 to 10


DeSaltPepper with default values:

DeSaltPepper(opt="both", uv=true, tol=0, avg=true, feedback=3 )  

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