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Author Gavino & mikeytown2
Version v0.26
Category Levels and Chroma
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Avisynth plugin to mimic the Gimp's Color Balance tool.


Syntax and Parameters

ColorBalance (clip, float "rs", float "gs", float "bs", float "rm", float "gm", float "bm", float "rh", float "gh", float "bh", bool "keep_luma", bool "clone_gimp", bool "highcolor")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  rs = 0.0
float  gs = 0.0
float  bs = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue shadows.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

float  rm = 0.0
float  gm = 0.0
float  bm = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue midtones.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

float  rh = 0.0
float  gh = 0.0
float  bh = 0.0
Red, Green, and Blue highlights.
Range: -100.0 to 100.0

bool  keep_luma = true
keep_luma corresponds to Gimp's 'Preserve Luminosity'.
This option ensures that the brightness is maintained. The value of the brightest pixels are not changed.

bool  clone_gimp = true
If set to false, ColorBalance will behave like CinePaint.

bool  highcolor = false
Do not use! Was meant to do internally process at 16-bit but was never finished.




v0.1 (Gavino, 26th August 2008):
  - initial code based on Gimp

v0.2 (Mikeytown2, 27th August 2008):
 - Added preserve luminosity from Gimp & got rid of all warnings in MS VC++ 2005

v0.21 (Mikeytown2, 27th August 2008):
 - Code Cleanup (tidy & logic(min,max)); Got rid of all if's from loops; Gimp support functions not in the ColorBalance class.

v0.22 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - Bug with rounding in preserve_luminosity code, casts to int for now, avoiding pixels with color blowout.

v0.23 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - More speed, doubles are now floats

v0.24 (Mikeytown2, 28th August 2008):
 - scaled preserve_luminosity code by 64 (256*64=16384; 360*64=23040)
 - changed (float) to f; thanks for the tip IanB!

v0.25 (Mikeytown2, 4th September 2008):
 - added in broken 16bit code
 - added an option to switch between gimp's and cinepaint's behavior.

v0.26 (Mikeytown2, 5th September 2008):
 - fixed error with clone_gimp's default value - Thanks Gavino

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v0.26 /// Mirror 2

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