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Author Asd-g
Version v1.1.0
Download Butteraugli-
Category Debug filter
License GPLv3



Butteraugli estimating filter for the psychovisual similarity of two images.

A quality metric for lossy image and video compression.

This is a port of the VapourSynth plugin butteraugli.

Google's Butteraugli is used.


Syntax and Parameters

Butteraugli (clip clip1, clip clip2, float "hf_asymmetry", bool "heatmap", bool "linput")

clip   =
clip   =
Clips that are use for estimating the psychovisual similarity. They must be in planar RGB format (8-32bit).

float  hf_asymmetry = 1.0
Multiplier for penalizing new HF artifacts more than blurring away features. 1.0=neutral.
Must be greater than 0.0.
Default: 1.0.

bool  heatmap = true
True: A heatmap is returned containing differences between two input clips.
False: Returns clip2.

bool  linput = false
True: The input clips must have linear transfer functions.
False: The input clips are assumed in sRGB color space and internal conversion to linear transfer function is done.
Default: False.

The psychovisual similarity of the clips will be stored as frame property '_FrameButteraugli' in the output clip. Larger values indicate to bigger difference.


# Return the difference between the clips with displayed all frame properties alongside with '_FrameButteraugli'
Butteraugli(clip1, clip2, hf_asymmetry=1.0, heatmap=true, linput=false)

# Return clip2 with displayed the value of the frame property '_FrameButteraugli'.
Butteraugli(clip1, clip2, hf_asymmetry=1.0, heatmap=true, linput=false)


Version      Date            Changes
v1.1.0 2020/11/06 - Added support for 10..32-bit clips. - Added parameters 'hf_asymmetry' and 'linput'.
v1.0.2 2020/11/02 - Registered as MT_MULTI_INSTANCE. - Used faster butteraugli lib.
v1.0.0 2020/10/31 - Initial release

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  • GitHub - Source code repository.

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