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Author LaTo
Version v2.60
Download AutoAdjust-v2.60.7z
Category Adjustment Filters
License Free for non-commercial use only
Discussion Doom9 Thread



AutoAdjust is an automatic adjustement filter. It calculates statistics of clip, stabilizes them temporally and uses them to adjust luminance gain & color balance.

AutoAdjust have a smoothing & dithering algorithm to avoid banding issue. Calculations are made in 32bits float to avoid rounding errors and are internally multithreaded and SSE2/AVX2 optimized.

For manual adjustments, see all functions in the "SmoothAdjust" plugin.


Syntax and Parameters

    AutoAdjust ( [clip], external_clip,
                 dark_limit, bright_limit, gamma_limit, 
                 dark_exclude, bright_exclude, 
                 gain_mode, chroma_process, avg_safety,
                 input_tv, output_tv,
                 chroma_limit, balance_str,
                 scd_threshold, temporal_radius, change_status,
                 use_interp, use_dither,
                 high_quality, high_bitdepth, 
                 threads_count, asm_opt,
                 debug_view )

General Settings

    external_clip [default: none]
     Use external analyze clip to retrieve clip's statistics
      --> EXAMPLE: black borders need to be cropped before analyze of the clip
                   " src = last
                     crp = src.crop(xx,xx,xx,xx)
                     AutoAdjust(src, external_clip = crp) "

    scd_threshold [default: 12]
     Threshold for scenechange detection [useful range: 8~16]
      0   = all frames are detected as scene change
      100 = no scene change are detected

    temporal_radius [default: 20]
     Radius for temporal stabilization in each direction [useful range: 10~30]
      0  = no temporal averaging
      xx = number of frames used in averaging

    change_status [default: "empty"]
     Override the scenechange detection algorithm
      --> EXAMPLES: - "100"          = force scenechange at frame 100
                    - "!200-300"     = force no scenechange at each frame between 200~300
                    - "!400;500-600" = force no scenechange at frame 400
                                     & force scenechange at each frame between 500~600

    use_interp [default: true]
     Use histogram smoothing

    use_dither [default: true]
     Use output dithering

    high_quality [default: false]
     Use high quality interpolation (slower)

    high_bitdepth [default: false]
     Use stacked 16 bits clips

    threads_count [default: 0]
     Number of internal threads
      0  = automatic choice  [=cores in Avs2.6 and =1 in Avs+/AvsMT]
      xx = number of threads [max = 16]

    asm_opt [default: 0]
     Use ASM optimization when available
      0 = automatic choice
      1 = use C code
      2 = use SSE2 code
      3 = use AVX2 code

    debug_view [default: false]
     Show the debug view at fullscreen resolution

AutoGain Settings

    auto_gain [default: false]
     Enable automatic luminance gain

    dark_limit [default: 1.50]
     Amount of allowed change for dark pixels
      1.0  = no gain
      10.0 = no limit

    bright_limit [default: 1.50]
     Amount of allowed change for bright pixels
      1.0  = no gain
      10.0 = no limit

    gamma_limit [default: 1.25]
     Amount of allowed change for gamma processing
      1.0  = no gain
      10.0 = no limit

    dark_exclude [default: 0.50]
     Amount of excluded darkest pixels in "mimimum" calculation (in percentile of pixels)
      0.0 = no excluded pixels
      1.0 = 1% of excluded pixels

    bright_exclude [default: 0.50]
     Amount of excluded brightest pixels in "maximum" calculation (in percentile of pixels)
      0.0 = no excluded pixels
      1.0 = 1% of excluded pixels

    gain_mode [default: 0]
     Gain adjustement mode
      0 = contrast expansion
      1 = levels adjustement

    chroma_process [default: 100]
     Amount of chroma processing
      0   = no change
      200 = maximum change

    avg_safety [default: 0.25]
     Safety of the min/max averaging system between frames
      0.0 = more stable
      1.0 = more conservative

    input_tv [default: true]
     Enable input tv range

    output_tv [default: true]
     Enable output tv range

AutoBalance Settings

    auto_balance [default: false]
     Enable automatic color balance

    chroma_limit [default: 1.05]
     Amount of allowed change for chroma pixels
      1.0 = no balance
      2.0 = no limit

    balance_str [default: 0.75]
     Strength of the balance adjustement
      0.0 = no balance
      1.0 = full balance


AutoAdjust is internally multithreaded with official AviSynth version. If AviSynthPlus or AviSynthMT is detected, internal multithreading is automatically disabled even if external multithreading isn't used (this can be reactivated in parameters).

AutoAdjust is designed to work with external multithreading, so fastest MT mode can be used. With AviSynthPlus, this plugin is a MT_NICE_FILTER (automatic register, no need to call SetFilterMtMode). With AviSynthMT, SetMtMode(1) must be called before AutoAdjust.




  - v2.60: updated for Avs v2.6.0 final
           fixed AVX2 crash with Win7 without SP1

  - v2.50: fixed crash with external_clip
           fixed chroma processing bug
           removed temporal_radius=-1
           reintroduced internal caching

  - v2.40: optimized frame access & frame cache
           fixed potential freeze with very slow source filter

  - v2.20: optimized memory usage with very long clip
           fixed crash with ffdshow_source() and external MT

  - v2.00: dropped Avs v2.5.x support
           added AVX2 code (40% faster)
           modified plugin to be thread-safe (MT_NICE_FILTER)
           removed internal caching
           added frame cache hints
           improved debug_view

  - v1.90: changed name of plugin & parameters
           added color balance
           added C version
           fixed regression from v1.75 (bug at scenechange)

  - v1.75: added avg_safety parameter
           fixed a minor bug in temporal averaging
           tweaked multi-threading code

  - v1.60: split 'tv_range' into 'input_tv' & 'output_tv'
           fixed possible freeze in MT code
           added explicit error messages

  - v1.45: fixed bugs inside multi-threading code
           removed user32 dependency
           added AVX2 detection (for future opt)

  - v1.40: used new C++11 features
           rewritten multi-threading (native)
           speed optimization (10% faster)
           exception-safe code
           added a high quality interpolation mode
           improved core algorithm
           fixed various little things

  - v1.02: fixed minor things & bugs
           dropped ICL builds support

  - v1.00: first stable release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v2.60 AutoAdjust-v2.60.7z AutoAdjust-v2.60.7z

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