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This is just a quick, simple preview... It works similarly to ChangeFPS and ConvertFPS, but with fields instead of frames. It was designed to be used to change the speed of film content when being played back on a video source. Doom9 Thread

Function AlterFPS (clip Last, float Speed, string "Method", bool "HiQual") {

Original = FrameRate
Method = Default(Method, "")
HiQual = Default(HiQual, False)

AssumeFPS(Speed, True)
(HiQual == False) ? ChangeFPS (2 * Original) : ConvertFPS (2 * Original)
(Method == "Weave") ? SeparateFields.SelectEvery (4, 0, 3).Weave ()
(Method == "Blend") ? AssumeFieldBased.Weave.VerticalReduceBy2 ()

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