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A Sobel edge detection filter.

Syntax and Parameters

aSobel (clip, int "thresh", int "chroma")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  thresh = 128
Saturation limit for edge detection; no pixel in the edge mask will have a value greater than thresh.
Range: 0 to 255

int  chroma = 1
Processing mode for the chroma channels (U and V):
  • 0 : fill with 0x80(128), output is grayscale.
  • 1 : don't care - chroma will be trashed.
  • 2 : copy chroma channels from the input clip.
  • 3 : process chroma; create an edge mask from each chroma channel and use those to warp each chroma channel individually.
  • 4 : process chroma; use the edge mask from the luma to warp the chroma channels.
  • 5 : same as 3, but don't process luma.
  • 6 : same as 4, but don't process luma.
Luma plane (Y) is always processed, except for mode 5 and 6 which simply copy the luma channel from the input clip.


aSobel with default values:

aSobel(thresh=128, chroma=1)

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