Author V. C. Mohan
Date22 Feb 2017
EMail: mohanvc

This function attempts to attenuate low level noise. seen on clips specially mpeg sources as greenish sheen. The filtering is minimal.

Parameters str , rad and limits control the amount and type of noise attennuation. Limit = 1 to 10 provides normal filtering. limited to a change from original by this value. Option of filtering only selected plane(s) is available. The filter is designed to be gentle even at its maximum and tries to preserve original image and color. This plugin works with all color formats , The filter is thread safe. SetMTFilterMode("Veed", MT_NICE_FILTER)

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip clip none
radius of influence of filtering operator rad integer 1 to 8 4
Strength of influence of outer pixels str integer 1 to 10 4
Whether red or y plane is to be filtered ry boolean true, false false
Whether green or u plane is to be filtered gu boolean true, false true
Whether blue or v plane is to be filtered bv boolean true, false true
Limit of correction for red or y pry integer 0 to 10 2
Limit of correction for green or u pgu integer 0 to 10 2
Limit of correction for blue or v pbv integer 0 to 10 2
In case of float data, multiplicand for limits fl float 0 to 10 0.004

Usage examples
Veed(ry = true, rad = 5)
On left is input, middle is output and on right is difference of two using levels
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