Author V. C. Mohan
30 Dec 2016

For testing some of the plugins, I needed a plugin that produces various types of blurred images. So I authored this and it may be useful to others. This plugin works on on all color planes of RGB format, and Luma of YUY2 and Planar formats. If uv is set true, Planar YUV444 formats U and V also are blurred. This function is thread safe : MT_NICE_FILTER

MBlur blurs the image with either linear (as seen in linear motion), or circular form ( as seen in out of focus images)PSF. For completeness it can also blur with a rectangular PSF. As borders remain unblurred for any further work cropping borders is recommended.

Input clip preferably be field based.
Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip clip prefer have the fields separated none
blur end point x coordinate or radius of blur x integer for "focus" 2 to 1/8 window smaller dimension for "line" -1/8 to 1/8 of frame width. for "rect" 1 to 1/8 of frame width. 5
blur end point coordinate y integer for "line" -1/8 to 1/8 window height. For "rect" 1 to 1/8 of frame height 5
type of blur blur string "line", "focus", "rect" "line"
Whether u, V also be processed? uv string "line", "focus", "rect" "line"

#Usage examples:-

MBlur( blur = "focus", x = 6)	
# or
MBlur( blur = "line", x = 6, y = -3)
# or
MBlur( blur = "rect", x = 6, y = 3, uv = true)	

below is illustration of results. Top is input. Below are the blurred image with script above.

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