Synopsis of Colorit

Date : Sep 17, 2005
Author : V.C.Mohan
The functions currently available in this plugin are:

ColorBrush: Input Clips are 1) to be colored clip and 2) output from Emarker, MaskMaker etc;. Specified straight line and color are used to color in all areas the line is passing through that have the same mask value (black or white) as that of the starting point of line. The color propagates in those areas.

ColorDrops : Input Clips are : 1) to be colored clip and 2) output from Emarker or maskmaker or any other suitable clip which can be used as a mask. A point and its color are specified. The color propagates in the closed area the point is.

ColorLine: Thin lines of even one pixel width can be colored with this tool.. This will also work for areas provided the areas have boundary at least two pixel wide. If not ColorDrops may be used..

CrossFill:- Clip is colored depending upon whether on two different mask clips marks exist (logical AND), any one clip has mark (logical OR), or only one has mark( logical EOR). A window which can translate linearly with frame number for limiting coloring can be specified.

DrawLines: On the mask created by EMarkerr or MaskMaker sometimes the demarcations are not clear or have some openings through which colors can leak to adjacent areas, or several objects are present in one mask, but require different colors. To demarcate them, lines can be drawn on a blank clip for use by Inlay function. The lines can be translated and or rotated linearly within frame range.

EMarker: The images on Clip to be colored are edge detected and a clip with demarcations is output for use by other functions as a mask.. The attempt is to create an output clip with clear demarcations of areas for different colors. Test function is available for parameter value selection.

GaussBlur: The input image, grey scale or color, has noise and removing it enables better mask generation. GaussBlur smoothes image by convolving image with Gaussian separable coefficients.

Inlay: Clip is colored based on a mask clip but limited to line(s) drawn on a lined clip by (drawlines function) and / or within a window.

MaskMaker:- A mask based on given grey scale or color image is produced with a various criteria.

Morpher: Some troublesome parts in a mask like thin strands connecting or radiating from objects etc can be got rid off by the standard morphing techniques of 'thin',"erode", "dilate", "open" and "close"options. Other options available are flood, drain, ford, vale, ridge ,rorv, salt and pepper..

Pallet: Color pallet for a specified grey scale or y value range can be generated with this tool.

SharpEdge: The edges marked by some of the edge detectors are not sharp enough. Sharp edge has three of the edge detectors present in EMarker but sharpens by detecting the maxima.

Shift:- Within a window, using a mask clip the pixel values are shifted.

Stretch:- Within a window using mask clip the pixel values are stretched.

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