AvsP is a text editor built for AviSynth, a video scripting language.

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version 2.0.2 (10/27/07)

  • added numerous entries to function database (contributed by Harukalover, danielkun)
  • added ability to open multiple scripts in Open dialog (suggested by Underground78)
  • new syntax in extension templates for relative paths (suggested by krisq)
  • changed database editing for plugins to reduce redundancy with short and long names
  • fixed program hanging on text highlight (thanks miamicanes, Harukalover, foxyshadis)
  • fixed issue with translation messages (thanks zemog)
  • fixed crash when deleting existing bookmark (thanks AlanHK)
  • manually hidden sliders now stay hidden on video refresh (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed minor bug with autocompletion and underscore character

version 2.0.1 (9/16/07)

  • improved automatic user slider construction (suggested by AlanHK, bidmead)
  • added line number traceback for macro errors (suggestedy by foxyshadis)
  • disabled error line highlight when line-by-line update enabled (suggested by Zarxrax)
  • added warnings to crop editor for invalid crop values (suggested by AlanHK)
  • brought back shortcuts for function definitions in script menu (suggested by Alain2)
  • added close all tabs function (suggested by Serbianboss)
  • added option to disable scroll wheel through tabs (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • added option to disable frames for each tab (suggested by Harukalover)
  • changed autocomplete to show single item lists (suggested by Alain2)
  • changed title for separate video window to full script name (suggeseted by Alain2)
  • fixed minor error when configuring shortcuts (thanks RedDwarf1, krisq)
  • fixed next bookmark function to always search forward (thanks AlanHK)
  • changed "True" and "False" in database to lowercase (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed typo in options dialog (thanks AlanHK)
  • fixed bug with manual activation of filter help (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed bug with macro functions GetWidth/Height and zoomed video (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed display issue with slider window and zoom window fit (thanks rfmmars)

version 2.0.0 (8/29/07)

  • fully automatic user sliders (enabled by default in this release)
  • added default presets for each filter (suggested by Zarxrax)
  • new "Tools" directory designed for AvsP plugins (suggested by Rahima, Fizick)
  • new resize calculator tool (suggested by chipzoller)
  • new encoder tool supporting any command line encoders (through presets)
  • script tabs now keep track of their own frames
  • added new side button to toggle sliders
  • added reminder images in the script tabs when video has focus
  • added several new configurable text colors
  • improved filter documentation filename searching
  • added configurable web search for filter docs whenever local docs not found
  • changed external player to use original script whenever possible
  • changed program to open socket for single instance check only when necessary
  • improved rules for displaying calltips
  • improved macros menu organization with submenus defined by subdirectories
  • improved SetBookmark() macro performance with large lists (suggested by AlanHK)
  • fixed calltip bug with parentheses inside string (thanks niiyan)
  • fixed calltip bug with filters with zero arguments (thanks niiyan)
  • fixed calltip bug with "Frequent calltips" turned off (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed asterisk on title bar in separate video window (thanks krisq)
  • fixed color customization to allow non-white default background (thanks RedDwarf1)
  • fixed open with unicode filename bug (thanks Zarxrax)

version 1.4.0 (6/5/07)

  • fully automatic user sliders (experimental, turned off by default)
  • simplified translation update procedure (suggested by Henrikx)
  • added option for single instance (suggested by krisq, foxyshadis)
  • added source extension filters to "Open..." dialog (suggested by 3ngel)
  • changed default filename to work with unknown extensions (suggested by Zarxrax)
  • opening an already opened file prompts for reload if changes exist (suggested by Kuukunen)
  • toggle scrap window now works when scrap window focused (thanks AlanHK)
  • changed error message when Avisynth fails to load video (thanks lolent)
  • added macro for setting bookmarks (suggested by AlanHK)
  • sliders no longer generated on error clips
  • improved filter calltips to work with script line breaks
  • added clear all text option for scrap window
  • minor improvements to window layout code
  • fixed translation import problem (thanks Henrikx)
  • fixed bug with AvsP installed in directory with unicode characters (thanks Aeolis)
  • fixed display bug when resizing the script window with separate video window (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed several unicode bugs (thanks Zarxrax)
  • fixed crash when avisynth output has no video

version 1.3.9 (5/5/07)

  • remember the last saved image path (suggested by 3ngel)
  • changed "Show calltip" to work when cursor is in filter name (thanks AlanHK)
  • changed editor to properly clear undo buffer when loading a file
  • merged windows xp and 98 versions
  • fixed parity info reported by AvsP (thanks krisq, ChiDragon)
  • fixed crash when switching zoom modes (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed unnecessary scrollbars with zoom "fit inside window" (thanks foxyshadis)
  • fixed unicode bug when saving script
  • fixed unicode bug with recent file list (thanks Henrikx)
  • fixed unicode bug with Avisynth install directory (thanks Aeolis, foxyshadis)
  • minor fixes to window layout code

version 1.3.8 (4/24/07)

  • changed display code to retrieve frames directly from Avisynth (contributed by tsp)
  • highlight error line in script on error clip
  • added new video zoom option to fit entirely inside the window (suggested by Alain2)
  • added "always on top" option for main window (suggested by Alain2)
  • added method to specify cursor position in filter presets (suggested by krisq)
  • allow for global variables in macros (suggested by Eggroll)
  • remember last path when configuring doc path/url for function help (suggested by Spuds)
  • path to AvsP help directory now configurable (suggested by Fizick)
  • dump program error messages to both window and log file for easier bug reporting
  • fixed unicode error on startup (thanks Spuds)
  • fixed unicode error on file open (thanks martino)
  • fixed bug with avs2avi gui and spaces in avs filename (thanks tony62)
  • accurate yuv colors reported in video status bar (thanks jmac698)
  • minor fixes to window layout code

version 1.3.7 (3/07/07)

  • make up/down/left/right video shortcuts editable (suggested by Alain2, avid_avs_user)
  • removed modifier restrictions for keyboard shortcuts (suggested by avid_avs_user)
  • allow language translation for Ctrl, Alt, Shift (suggested by Henrikx)
  • added menu items for trim selection start/end (suggested by avid_avs_user)
  • added ability to export/import individual filter presets (suggested by krisq)
  • added pixel position and color information to status bar (suggested by nibbles, jmac698)
  • added macro to get filter info from avisynth (needs Avisynth 2.5.7+) (contributed by tsp)
  • added ability to label user slider separators (suggested by R3Z)
  • added ability to free all script videos from memory (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • use the source filename as default in the file save dialog (suggested by Zarxrax)
  • updated extension-based templates with .dga files and AVCSource() (suggested by unskinnyboy)
  • added option to not prompt to unsaved scripts on program exit (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • added several help menu items linking to website documentation
  • improved subwindow layout management
  • improved calltip displaying during window focus/motion
  • minor changes to the display code
  • fixed issues with syntax highlighting default style (thanks Alain2)
  • fixed bug with unicode characters in script (thanks Spuds)
  • added workaround for top-level variables in macros (thanks tsp)
  • fixed minor bug when switching from zoom fit to regular zoom
  • fixed several subwindow positioning issues

version 1.3.6 (2/20/07)

  • saved files no longer lose user slider/toggle tag info (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • prompt to reload modified files when loading a session (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • added visual bookmarks along the video slider (suggested by doxville, avid_avs_user)
  • added trim selection editor (suggested by Zarxrax, doxville, avid_avs_user)
  • added option to not load bookmarks on startup (suggested by avid_avs_user)
  • added crop editor options to insert at cursor, copy to clipboard (suggested by krisq)
  • improved end of script detection for crop editor
  • reorganized video menu for clarity (suggested by avid_avs_user)
  • improved save image dialog with specific extensions (suggested by foxyshadis)
  • created windows 98 version (suggested by affter333)
  • fixed crash when creating a new tab while crop editor is shown
  • fixed small bug on program exit with multi-monitor setup (thanks foxyshadis)
  • fixed several issues with syntax highlighting (thanks Alain2)

version 1.3.5 (1/14/07)

  • added more font and color options (suggested by Alain2)
  • added customizable keyword lists (suggested by Alain2)
  • updated filter information with internal clip properties and functions
  • improved autocompletion for functions with no arguments
  • added several new macro functions (ExecuteMenuCommand, GetBookmarkList, GetAvs2aviDir, GetSliderTexts)
  • added slider optimization macro with complete genetic algorithm implementation
  • added option to associate .avs files with AvsP (suggested by foxyshadis, JoeTF)
  • fixed minor issue with potential conflicting keyboard shortcuts (thanks Alain2)