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Up-to-date documentation: https://avisynthplus.readthedocs.io

Swaps chroma channels in YUV clips.



SwapUV(clip clip)

Swaps U and V (chroma) channels. Corrects certain decoding errors – faces blue instead of red, etc.


UToY(clip clip)
VToY(clip clip)

Copies U or V chroma plane to the Y luma plane.
All color (chroma) information is removed, so the image is now greyscale.
Depending on the color format, the image resolution can be changed – i.e.,
with a YV24 source, UToY is the same width and height as clip, but
with a YV12 source, UToY is half clip's width and height.

UToY8, VToY8

UToY8(clip clip)
VToY8(clip clip)

Shorthand for UToY.ConvertToY8 and VToY.ConvertToY8, but faster.


YToUV(clip clipU, clip clipV [, clip clipY [, clip clipA ] ] )

Copies the Y (luma channel) of clipU to the U channel of the output clip and the Y (luma channel) of clipV to the V channel of the output clip.
If clipY is given, copies the Y (luma channel) of clipY to the Y channel of the output clip.
AVS+ And if clipA is given too, copies the Y (luma channel) of clipA to the A channel of the output clip.
Depending on the color format, the image resolution can be changed.

[edit] See Also

[edit] Examples

  • Blur the U chroma channel
video = ColorBars(512, 512).ConvertToYV12
u_chroma = UToY(video).Blur(1.5)
YToUV(u_chroma, video.VToY)
  • Show U and V channels stacked for illustration purposes.
    • Note that with a YV12 source (like the one below), the U and V images will be half the size of the original.
    • In the U and V images, gray will be at 128d and saturated colors will appear brighter or darker.
\  Subtitle("YV12 original", align=2),
\  StackHorizontal(
\       UtoY.Subtitle("UtoY", align=2), 
\       VtoY.Subtitle("VtoY", align=2)
\  )
\ )

[edit] Changes

v2.60 Added UToY8, VToY8.
v2.60 Added new color formats Y8, YV411, YV16 and YV24.
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