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Author Didée
Version 2012/02/01
Download NonlinUSM script
Category Sharpeners
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Non-linear Unsharp Masking, uses a wide-range Gaussian instead of a small-range kernel. Like most sharpeners, this script only processes luma, chroma channels are simply copied from the input clip.


Required Plugins

Additional planar colorspaces are supported when using AviSynth 2.6 and appropriate MaskTools2.

Syntax and Parameters

NonlinUSM (clip o, float "z", float "pow", float "str", float "rad", float "ldmp")

clip  o =
Input clip

float  z = 6.0
zero point

float  pow = 1.6

float  str = 1.0

float  rad = 9.0
radius for "gauss"

float  ldmp = 0.001
damping for very small differences


NonlinUSM with default settings:

NonlinUSM(z=6.0, pow=1.6, str=1.0, rad=9.0, ldmp=0.001)

More Examples:

NonlinUSM(pow=4)                          ## enhance: for low bitrate sources
NonlinUSM(z=3, pow=4.0, str=1, rad=6)     ## enhance less
NonlinUSM(z=3, str=0.5, rad=9, pow=1)     ## enhance less

NonlinUSM(z=6, str=1.5, rad=0.6).Sharpen(0.3)  ## sharpen: for hi-q sources
NonlinUSM(z=3, str=2.5, rad=0.6)          ## sharpen: less noise
NonlinUSM(z=6, pow=1.0, str=1, rad=6)     ## unsharp 
NonlinUSM(pow=1.0, rad=2, str=0.7)        ## "smoothen" for noisy sources
NonlinUSM(pow=1.0, rad=18, str=0.5)       ## smear: soft glow

NonlinUSM(z=6, pow=4.0, str=1, rad=36)    ## local contrast 
NonlinUSM(z=6, pow=1.0, str=1, rad=36)    ## local contrast 
NonlinUSM(z=16, pow=4.0, str=18, rad=6)   ## B+W psychedelic 
NonlinUSM(z=16, pow=2.0, str=2, rad=36)   ## solarized
NonlinUSM(z=16, pow=4.0, str=3, rad=6)    ## sepia/artistic 


Version         Date            Changes
2012/02/01 2012/02/01 - Initial public release

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