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Author Simon Walters
Version v1.4
Category Borders and Cropping
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



BorderControl lets you manipulate the frame borders to disguise poor source material defects such as VCR head-switching noise or any other border artifacts. BorderControl is designed to allow you to manipulate the regions at the top, bottom and sides of a frame. Set a black border, set a border region to be faded out and you can "smear" the border to save having to crop and resize the whole frame for the sake of a few pixels. Each border (top,bottom.left and right) can be manipulated independently.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Supported color formats: YUY2, YV12

Syntax and Parameters

BorderControl (clip, int "YBB", int "YBF", itn "YBS", int "YBSF", int "YTB", int "YTF", int "YTS", int "YTSF", int "XLB", int "XLF", int "XLS", int "XLSF", int "XRB", int "XRF" int "XRS", int "XRSF")

clip   =
Input clip.
int  YBB = 0
Y Bottom Border.
int  YBF = 0
Y Bottom Fade.
int  YBS = 0
Y Bottom Smear.
int  YBSF = 0
Y Bottom Stretch Factor.
int  YTB = 0
Y Top Border.
int  YTF = 0
Y Top Fade.
int  YTS = 0
Y Top Smear.
int  YTFS = 0
Y Top Stretch Factor.
int  XLB = 0
X Left Border.
int  XLF = 0
X Left Fade.
int  XLS = 0
X Left Smear.
int  XLSF = 0
X Left Stretch Factor.
int  XRB = 0
X Right Border.
int  XRF = 0
X Right Fade.
int  XRS = 0
X Right Smear.
int  XRSF = 0
X Right Stretch Factor.

  • All parameters default to 0.
  • The plugin accepts up to 16 parameters, 4 for each border. I suggest you don't use them all at once :-)
  • There are 4 prefixes: YB,YT,XL and XR for bottom,top,left and right borders.
  • There are 4 suffixes: B for Border - this sets the amount of solid border, F for Fade, S for Smear and SF for SmearFactor.
  • Increasing SmearFactor (having first set the Smear value correctly) can help disguise the smear region at the expense of increasing the area being processed. I suggest using even values for YTSF and YBSF when dealing with interlaced material.
  • Note: The left and right parameters get doubled by the filter as I haven't sorted out how to deal properly with having 1 chroma sample for very 2 luminance ones yet :-(


Put a solid black border at the bottom and smear some lines at the top of the picture.



Version       Date            Changes
v1.4 02/16/2003 - Works with YV12 colourspace as well as YUY2. v1.3 02/11/2003 - Recompiled for AviSynth 2.5 v1.1 09/24/2002 - Changed algorithm for the top and bottom use of SmearFactor - should work better with interlaced material - let me know if you don't like the change! v1.0 09/12/2002 - 1st release

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