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Author Prunedtree
Version 2013 & rev6
Download frfun7

Category Spatial Denoisers
License Closed source
Discussion Doom9 Thread



frfun7 is a spatial fractal denoising plugin.

Note: frfun7 2013 is the updated version, unfortunately the output is not completely identical to frfun7_rev6, for that reason both versions are available. Read description of the P parameter for more information.


Syntax and Parameters

frfun7 (clip, float "lambda",float "T", float "Tuv", int "P")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  lambda = 1.1
Adjust the power of the local denoising.

float  T = 10.0
Limits the max luma denoising power for edges; 0 disables processing.

float  Tuv = 2.0
Limits the max chroma denoising power for edges; 0 disables processing.

int  P = 0
Undocumented parameter, only available in frfun7 2013. By testing, one can conclude it's a "speed -vs- quality" trade off setting.
  • 0 : faster but slightly lower quality than frfun7_rev6 (may create minor artifacts around line edges).
  • 1 : slower than frfun7_rev6 but the quality is a little bit better.


frfun7 with default settings:

frfun7(lambda=1.1, T=6.0, Tuv=2.0, P=0)


Version         Date            Changes
2013 2013/09/04 - no longer buffers the input; yields a nice speed increase. - "P" parameter added
rev6 2006/05/10 - bug fixes - remove mod8 restriction - process first and last frame
rev1 2006/05/05 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror Mirror 2
2013 frfun7 frfun7

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