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Author Fizick
Version v0.8.2
Category Spatial-Temporal Denoisers
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

DeGrainMedian is a spatio-temporal limited median filter mainly for film grain removal, but may be used for general denoising. For additional information see the official documentation.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Limitations

  • No scenechange detector in current version. But I do not see any ghosting - filter is switched to spatial pixel pairs.
  • First and last line (line pair for interlaced) of every frame are not filtered.
  • First and last 8 (YV12) or 4 (YUY2) pixels in every row are filtered with more simple (same columns) method.
  • Chroma filtering in YUY2 mode is also in same columns only.
  • First and last frames are not filtered.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

DeGrainMedian (clip, int "limitY", int "limitUV", int "mode", bool "interlaced", bool "norow" )

clip   =
Input clip.

int  limitY = 4
int  limitUV = 6
Limit of pixel luma(Y) and chroma(UV) correction (0 to 255).

int  mode = 1
Operation mode (0 to 5, the more, the weaker)

bool  interlaced = false
Process clip as interlaced.

bool  norow = false
Do not use same row in spatial filter.

[edit] Examples

DeGrainMedian with all default values:

DeGrainMedian(limitY=4, limitUV=6, mode=1, interlaced=false, norow=false)

[edit] Changelog

Version      Date(D/M/Y)     Changes
v0.8.2 07/10/2006 - Fixed a green right border bug for non-mod 8 width. Thanks to akapuma for report.
V0.8.1 28/07/2006 - Fixed a bug for mode>0, interlaced=true, norow=false, YV12. Thanks to squid_80 for report.
v0.8 09/10/2005 - Changed frame cache range to 3. - Added option norow to disable using same row (horizontal) spatial pair. - Fixed documentation error about mode=1. - Renamed old mode 4 to 5, 3 to 4, 2 to 3, added new mode 2.
v0.7.0 27/07/2005 - Reformatted documentation only.
v0.7 21/04/2005 - Fixed bug with mode=2 for YV12 interlaced; first frame pitch fixed.
v0.6 02/04/2005 - Fixed some bugs with YUY2. Thanks to AVIL for report.
v0.5 23/03/2005 - Use more correct cache settings. Thank to Turyst04 for stability problem report.
v0.4 10/11/2004 - Fixed possible bug with different frame pitches.
v0.3 28/08/2004 - Added interlaced mode, code reorganization
v0.2 21/08/2004 - Added more safe modes=1-4, doc updated.
v0.1.1 18/08/2004 - Bug fixed with spatial part of YV12 (distance was 2 pixels).
v0.1 13/08/2004 - First public (beta!).

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